Are there any firms that DON'T charge their traders $1,000 per training session?

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  1. I'd like to work with a firm that values its traders enough (and believes in its training program enough) to spot the fees associated with training.

    Here's my problem: I don't want to join a firm that just wants to take my money and have me churn it for them. Firms that charge fees for training and require a substantial capital contribution give me the impression that THEY JUST WANT MY MONEY. Anyone know of prop firms which do NOT require a significant capital contribution (i.e. over $1,000), with good training programs which are provided free to all traders? Thanks
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    Lots of opportunity in a ,uptrending bull market;
    if i had to i could change my nickname & wash windows for Bright Capital.

    1k is only a small part of training;
    Morgan Stanley let Joshua Lukeman write ''Market Makers Edge'' and that book helps NYSE also.

    Trading is capital intensive;
    active investing requires less.

    ''In all labor there is profit''-Solomon ,trader king:cool:
  3. books will teach you market theory; they can't really be practical because as soon as the world knows about a trading methodology, the methodology ceases to work. But to really know how to trade the markets, you need real time engagement in them; firms should provide such training for free to show traders that they have faith in the trader and in their own training program.
  4. If you only have $1000 to back your business, you are better off sending me half of that money, and keeping half for yourself, in the end you will wind up $500 richer than if you started trading.

    While I seriously believe that someone with little or no capital, and no trading experience does not have a chance to make it on their own in this business, there is one option that comes to mind. I believe that the guys at pairco offer backing for undercapitalized traders and also include training. If you PM me,
    I can put you in touch with the right people.
  5. if you are willing to travel to NYC there is a firm that
    teaches a 3 day seminar on futures but it is applicable to stocks

    they also wrote a book on the subject and

    are at least 10 X more reputable than most of the so called experts out there

    some of whom I am afraid to say advertise themselves here
  6. Any "prop firm" who charges their OWN traders for training in addition to making them trade with their own capital is a scam...period.

  7. In my view, the only way to learn how to trade is to sit next to a successful trader and watch him/her and mimic his style. You can't learn how to trade in one week by paying $1k.

    I highly doubt the $1,000 training is worth paying for. Probably better to skip it and save the $1k.

    Incidently, which firm has succesful, mature, and professional traders that know how to trade?

    I feel like I am surrounded by immature hyperactive high school students with temper problems.

    The environment I am in is not conducive to a professional trading atmosphere and it is starting to affect my trading to the point where I can't really trade.
  8. I feel like I am surrounded by immature hyperactive high school students with temper problems.

    sounds like the floor of anyone of the major exchanges to me !

  9. When I say immature hyperactive high school students with temper problems, I literally mean it. I am not talking about 30+ year olds that joke around.

    There is one guy on the floor that trades standing up and bangs his desk a few times per hour and screams profanities all day. Anyone that trades near him will go deaf b/c he screams at his monitors.

    Then there is another guy that makes fun of the cast of CNBC, the guests, and what is said by them every single day and every single hour. I never found CNBC to be that funny.

    WorldCo (on Wall Street) has more professional traders! <--This says a lot...
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    Good point about ''realtime engagement'';
    wisdom by definition includes doing, NOT just knowing.

    Books like ''Market Makers Edge, Jack Schwagers old top traders books, Dr. Van Tharp''''
    teach much more than market theory & are quite practical for NYSE & NasdaQQQ ,in part .
    Wisdom by definition includes doing.:cool:
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