Are there any firms/groups that...?

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  1. Are there any places where you can:

    * Open an account with a group in a retail firm
    * Get 10-1 or more intraday leverage
    * Not need any licenses (series 7, 55, etc...)
    * Are SIPC insured
    * Have a $10,000 or less deposit requirement?
  2. BTW, SIPC insured is probably a rarity these days with LLC's.

    Gensis is probably your best bet, as my previous post offering helpful information has been removed.

    If you negotiate with Genesis directly, if you ask them for a lower deposit amount, they can be leniant, and will help you and work with you in most cases.
  3. Are there any other options besides Genesis?

    I don't like Genesis software (Laser).
  4. if you search for my website or go to Google and type in "Proprietary Firm Listings", my page will be on top and you can check out all the firms there.

    I'd just post the link but the last thread I did that it got deleted.
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    Prestige Capital offers traders intraday leverage with less than a 10k deposit. They have multiple broker relationships and a few other companies that offer there services, but going to them direct will get you the best deal.