are there any e-mini books recommended?

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  1. Emprise



    i'm new to elitetrader and wanted to collect some information about futures-trading, especially "e-mini" ...

    can you recommend useful and helpful books if someone wanted starting out in e-mini-futures-trading?

    and where in the internet is it possible to order them?

    thank you for the information...

  2. Emprise


    does really nobody knows some useful / helpful books ...?

    come on guys, let me participate on your "know-how"...

    thanks, Emprise
  3. do a freaking search
  4. They have numerous trading books of all types...If you are brand new to trading then try "Trading in the Zone" first by Mark Douglas. Also check out the book review section here at "elitetrader".

  5. You might check this out. I don't personally know anything about them but they have been recommended by others here on ET.

    Good Luck
  6. Emprise


    thank you guys, very interesting links...

  7. boris


    5000$ for a course????

    Has anybody up here taken that course?
  8. Set up QCharts free for 30 days and watch how the ES price action acts...this is the best read I can think of.

  9. dbphoenix


    $5K seems a bit stiff. Depends partly on whether you want to learn somebody else's method (rarely a good idea) or apply what you've learned trading stocks to trading eminis. The latter is a far easier row to hoe.
  10. Don't know a lot of book on index futures. Check Larry Williams books which are pretty good IMO. Sniper trading (so-so) , there is one called Electronic trading in the futures market or something (not very good if I recall). I would recommend "The ultimate trading guide "(Pruitt and al). Keep in mind books are not very useful(the more it goes into TA and strategies the less useful over the long term IMO) but you have to start somewhere. Spend some $ on books, then lose some more applying their strategies ahaha

    Ooh yeah and don't buy any course, I ams sure it's all B.S.
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