are there any day trading funds?

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    It has been done! Done it has been! Been done it has!
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    riding pretty high on your horse jack
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  3. I noticed the unnecessary sacrifice this guy made.

    Poignant and a shame.

    "One Shot, One Kill" by Jon Netto is written by one of these types of presenters.

    We have had great times. He and Anderson both have red Masseratti's. Both were delivered months and months late. I'm a slow boat I only drive a 12 cylinder BMW (700 series).

    Jon's head programmer is always in the room (in the back); he acts as a tarmac guide for Jon's plane. Jon gets on a roll and the WPM keep going up and up.

    there is this thing. The audience of the presenters has their fellow traders sitting in. So the Q's during a presentation are the absolute "nuts". Or take trading in real time when two of them are going at it and the moderator is clueless. And, of course, we are sitting in a place where we can signal too.

    Jon is trading so cool in this presentation competition and he has "the problem" at his operation, as usual.

    He wants the show to end and do some deals. He is look at us and drilling us with "the Q".

    All great traders can recognize other great traders. Spending time having a drink is fun because of the common experience of seeing the markets and seeing the neat happenings.

    Well, I like remembering past events that are kinda unique. And I know I am remembered and not for any bad thing about not doing a deal or something like that. It is more like: "why couldn't that guy get the intro done so I wouldn't have had to say I got in after you introduced X and had not intro'ed me."
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  4. No, I'm old and I don't cut it.

    I walk and my string has been put down.
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  5. Jack, I love the line breaks.

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  6. That phenomena is an example of my use of NLP.

    Want to see me create 12 million jobs in one post?
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