are there any day trading funds?

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  1. why would a successful day trader want or take your money? Buying power is never an issue for them.
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    Robert Hoffman....LOL!
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    Chipmunk nees to learn how to spell first of all.

    Secondly, anyone who would invest thier money in a day trading fund needs to have thier head examined.
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    so were you being ironic?
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  5. Why would you pay someone to lose money for you when you can lose money without having to pay anyone to do it.
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  6. i like this thread, i always wondered the same thing....
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  7. This ia a general post to most of the posters in this thread.

    Apparently none of you have been around.

    So get a ticket and get a room and have the experience.

    Just do one thing when you get there.

    After a presentation let the room more or less empty.

    then move closer to the front and watch who is still there and where they will be presenting later or think about where they presented before.

    Weed yourself away from the "stock presentations".

    Just be there for a class of presenter that fits this mold "Great Traders You Have Never Heard Of"

    as most of the pipqueeks get their "personal Q's answered, they go away.

    the group is now small and some joshing occurs. They all know each other.

    you better hang back a little and keep your mouth shut or you will just see backs in your face.

    The Q's being asked are:

    "Who has room for some more money?"

    Some of this crew have a problem. They are getting too many inquiries about taking in more money for trading.

    I have a rule. My answer is always NO and my second rule is I do not present.

    It is common to be addressed with specific amounts (skip the chipmunk chicken feed levels and all other levels posted here). It may take four NO's . A place and a time are set for drinks. In Vegas it is ALWAYS the house of the blues. None of you will be there, ever.

    All of these people are day traders. They all have operations. They do not use the word "Funds". You are outsiders. These people make arrangements and they do deals.

    If I were dealing, and you asked me to trade for you, my deal would be to give you what you want. But you can't get a deal with me, ever.

    the reason why you are outsiders is simple. You do not know how it works. No one is going to tell you either because you would be in the way too much.

    the environemnt for money is set outside of Vegas. It is set by very large organizations who do not make much money. They are always open for business and they take your business.

    "Great Traders You Have Never Heard Of." use the standard set by large organizations that most people (outsiders) try to get their money into. Capital is pledged; it gets the return agreed upon. Thats all. No look at the books or the trading. The capital provider just gets what he agreed to as the return. It is a deal like the standard set by large organizations.

    Do you, as a reader, think you can figure out why these great traders can't handle any more money?

    Right, now you see what the most important variable is in trading money.
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    Your posts are too verbose and say nothing. You are now the only person on my ignore list. I'm sure you don't care, but I will tell you anyway - just like you do with your rambling posts.

    EDIT: and the ignore function works!
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    Better don't do it!
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  10. Your first post in this thread, talks about trader costs.

    Trader organizational and operating costs are negligible. We disagree and so one of us doesn't have the picture.

    These organizations have one problem: exponential growth through retained profits.

    Growth in any successful unhampered business is a REAL and COMMON problem.

    The commonly used solution is to grow reasonably and lay off excess opportunities until they can be accomodated.

    All of this means, the man in the street nevers sees what this thread is curious about.

    In this post there are just seven digestable word groups. No story, no descriptive color.
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