Are there any age limits on Trader recruitment?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Suley, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Suley


    Hello everyone, new to this interesting site, so I thought I would try and get some info if I can.

    My question is are there any age limits on being recruited as a trader for an institution?

    I am from London, but I am currently working in Tokyo in FOREX and have experience in other countries like Indonesia and China within fund sales, so I know I am genuinely interested in the job.

    I have a university degree in Electronics and I am returning to university to gain some education in the field of choice, perhaps a Masters from Oxford or LBS, but I am worried that by the time I finally graduate from uni I may be too old for the job.

    If all goes to plan I will have graduated at the age of 30/31, thats with international work experience and post graduate education.

    What do you guys think?

    I understand that this is mainly a US based site, but any advice would be much appreciated.

  2. Verdais


    If you have experience, 30/31 isn't too old. From the title of the post I was expecting you to be 47 or something.

    Another thing to consider... if you can make money, age is irrelevent.
  3. Suley



    Thanks for the reply, I have heard that there are age limits for the lifetime of a trader, as in that come a certain age they are too old too recruit for institutions.

    Also I know that if you can make money age is irrelevant, but some recruitment processes are draconian at best.

  4. dac8555


    i dont know a lot of guy over 40...or any over 50 in trading. Most have gone to management. I would say starting out at 40 plus would be tough..younger guys often can take a bit more abuse.
  5. I'm 50 this year. Go check my performance! My partner is 62. You should see him trade! Age limit? Bullshit!
  6. dac8555


    maestro...Certailnly there are people like you and your partner..and always will be. sorry if i offended you..i think we may have interpreted the post differently.

    Is there an age However, i read the post to be more along the lines of "if i am looking for a job with someone else..a bank or instituiton, in the trading field,on the floor at at a desk after my MBA is there a point to where i would be considered the senior citizen on the desk and will that be taken into consideration."

    I think with the stress of the job, especially taking proprietary poisitons, that the career span is not terribly long. Working for someone else...taking their crap, yelling orders, glued to a screen...moving million and millions of dollars every day, being on the other side of instituions, having to deal with clients is different than being on your own. there is a reason why people move TO managed money from trading...but rarely from managed money TO trading.

    If you are on your own, doing your own thing..your own money, or your own fund...i say that maestro is dead right. You can do it till you are 130 if you like it enough.
  7. Suley


    Sorry for any confusion, just to clarify, I am talking about the recruitment of traders for institutions trading OPM.

    I am not enquiring about the ability of an individual trading alone or independantly, that is not a standardised anal system, it is abitrary.

    I have heard on the urban legends grapevine that when it comes to the recruitment of Postgraduates, the institutions have a preference for certain age limits. That the institutions are of the opinion that on floor traders are put into a situation with alot of bullshit and they prefer them to be younger.

    Like I mentioned earlier I will hopefully graduate from my Masters at the age of 31, will this be too old based in London, in your opinions, to be eligable for institutional recruitment trading OPM?