Are their jobs for traders?

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    Besides just day trading, are there jobs for people who trade technical analysis?
  2. no
  3. a little more than a "no" would be good for the sake of answering one's concerns
  4. Some traders use technical analysis but they are not getting paid for doing technical analysis, they are getting paid because they make money.
    People getting paid for doing technical analysis are brokers or analysts. I worked at a place where we use to give some biz to a broker because he was providing us some analysis that he made. We also paid for some recearch that had a technical analysis section in it.
    But no, no one will pay you big money simply to draw lines.
  5. so what does a trader on an institutional desk do that is so different than a prop trader?!?

    Other than working on execution and trying to beat vwap....
  6. lol, they got some balance sheet, or flow or information. There are no gods there.
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    In the employment world there are two kinds of trading jobs:
    1) Math, computer whizs who can program or recrate an events mathematically
    2) Position traders i.e. research, talking to analysts & company execs, breaking down financial reports etc..
    There are no jobs for technical traders, day trading & other short term trading in the hedge fund/ institutional world is strictly done by computer programs.
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    Generate commissions and commission style income by providing good execution, decent research (technical and fundamental) and prodiving relevant market color to the firm's clients.

    Prop trader just tries to make money. Most institutional traders are like stock brokers on steroids.
  9. fundamental analysis is non existent in hong kong, every show that talks about stocks show just charts and only charts..i have never heard a joker on any show tell you to buy or sell based on revenue or sales...
  10. selling signals to prop firms.

    you work on your own,
    and you can make money, with day trading, Swing Trading, and long term trading investing.
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