Are their ANY Level II Option (Open Order Book) Real Time Quotes?

Discussion in 'Options' started by WCoastInvestor, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. I've seen many sites advertise that they have Level II quotes - but it turns out to be for stocks only, Nasdaq, or if for equity options - just the best bid/ask PER THE 5 EXCHANGES.

    Are their any services or (even better) direct trading platforms/brokers that have real time, Level II, open order book, quotes for equity and index options? An actual listing of all, or the top 10 bid/ask with each of the MARKET MAKER's name and what he/she is offering and size for each of the 5 exchanges? I see this listing all the time for stocks, but not options. I've tried the demos and test drive of Terra Nova, Cyber, and others, but none of them actually have this. Is it even available?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. No, again ...
  3. Free? No.

    But i think if you're qualified as a "power trader", DATEK might offer it.
  4. Doesn't exist ...
  5. hi, offers actual level 2 option data. the responses you recd stating that it does not exist are simply wrong.


  6. I saw the thinkorswim platform about 4 months back and they have the bid/oofer of all the 5 exchanges which is not really level 2. I think the poster wanted to know if for each exchange what are the different levels per option per exchange. Unless things changed drastically in the options arena. I don't think level 2 as it exists in NASDAQ is in options today. I have REDi and I see listed equiteis and their quotes on the regionals but I would['nt consider them level 2 just more of a consolidated quotes from all the exchanges.
  7. What are you talking about?

    Market depth by MM is not deciminated by or to anyone ...
  8. metooxx,

    yes, you are correct. our definitions of option level 2 screens differ. perhaps i will join you soon in the sun.

    enjoy !

  9. If you were right; I really wanted to know how I missed that ...

    There are a lot of traders in paradise I have come to find out; best kept secret in trading.