Are their any fully-backed trading firms?

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  1. i forgot i actually signed up on that site....i applied for the 4 jobs in houston (besides the cpa-accounting jobs)---hey thanks for the support folks.

    I need to get a job....too much idle time will play with your psychological well-being. I am not the vacation type...i like to work....i hate taking vacations....bore me to death:)
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  2. I kind of agree with you bluestreek, it is a misconception to believe all or even most hiring managers hire the best candidate for their employers needs. Most hire the candidate who is best for their selfish personal ambitions and are not interested in adding any amount of competition. This is why the average always find abundant employment, and intelligent frustrated professionals are often forced to start their own enterprises. To be blunt you may have to dumb down your resume a bit, it probably intimidates more than it intrigues.
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  3. where I sat there and it was obvious "the manager" didn`t have an mba...i didn`t get one of those bs "executive mba`s" i busted my ass fighting for .06`s to get high ranking in my class...we did exhaustive case studies of companies like dell, harly-davidson, and every sector imagineable. It was really comprehensive....and this guy at shell....just didn`t get that just because I hadn`t done the exact job somewhere else that I could do that job with ease. He didn`t know how to interview, but why even bother wasting my time, when he can read on my resume that I hadn`t performed the "exact job" at another company.

    I started my own hedge fund with some friends and mba buddies funds...but my largest contributors needed to pull their money to cover real estate wasn`t large enough to sustain those withdrawals...but I am good at research....and that should enable some smart money manager to make profitable market decisions which makes my salary pay for itself in a month!

    I applied to every one of those financial firms listed on the aformentioned link....maybe something will give....but I can`t believe it should be this hard to find a job with the unemployment rate at 4.8% and a relatively good economy.
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  4. To be honest according to your Resume you have only been looking for two months. That is may take more than a year. Best Wishes.
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  5. You may have a problem getting your resume vetted by an employer. I find no record of a "Hedonics" fund in Houston. I imagine that the Gray Foundation is a family foundation. Unfortunately, it sounds like fiction. Any HR person would throw out your work experience at this point.
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  6. I remember when I was in Austin, there was a guy that graduated with an MBA and he was working as an attendent in a service station. This was late 70's early 80's when interest rates hit 18%.
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  7. Hedonics--- the art of pleasure.

    LOL !

    however, with this said, truly "private partnerships" would not be verifiable via the normal channels.


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  8. Where are you looking for the fund?
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  9. is a negative b/c i don`t have great companies on my resume....but I graduated with my master`s in philosophy...taught during the went to night school for my mba....when i graduated enron had collapsed, AANDERSON GOT hammered by the govt....and all the management trainee duke energy, dynergy, etc. all were put on ice....i got a job working for a relative`s company....before going out on my own to start my own fund....but what can i do...i don`t have a large company on my resume....i wanted to stay in my significant other has her dream job here as a market intelligence analyst...she can practically walk to`s not like I have been looking for dream jobs.....i will work any just get my foot in the door....but i have a passion for the financial i would rather start at the bottom in some firm related to this industry...than starting something completely different to my primary training and skill set! Once in the door, I have no problem proving that I have the goods:)
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  10. If I were interviewing you I would ask this question "you have very little, if any, money management experience why on earth did you start your own hedge fund. Did you actually believe you could attract investors?" Your MBA is not the big deal you think it is.
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