Are their any fully-backed trading firms?

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  1. Where you don`t have to deposit your own money to start? I just need 5,000 grand to start...I don`t need to take any living expenses out for 1 year...but I live in Houston, and don`t want to move to NY, it would have to be remote trading job or firm in houston?

    Or does anybody know of a trading related job in Houston...I have an MBA, but can`t find a job..even as an Energy Trader ...sent Koch tons of resumes....even for trading support jobs...nothing.....even when oil was 75 dollars a barrel?

    Employment statistics are misleading in my opinion:)
  2. if you want a job bad enough you will move instead of bitching about there not being any job opportunities


    first new york might be something you want to look into
  4. i sent my resume off per your advice significant other has a nice analyst job at marathon oil...its not as simple as your oversimplified response...i would prefer to find a job in houston, but i am not oppossed to working anywhere in the world. Just rationally speaking, I should be able to find a job in a city where oil companies are raking it in right now. They are highly profitable when oil is 30 dollars a barrel.
  5. keshner trading has a branch out there in h-town. I think you're required to put up starting cap. This guy, Don Bright always accepts traders from ET for remote trading.

    Post a link to your resume here. You might want to look into some local HFs in your area.

    I had a friend that got a job at a HF by calling them up and asking to speak to a partner about a position. Don't get me wrong, he said he got turned away a bunch of times too.
  6. i sent him an e-mail....with a few examples, just to show I am sharp, and know the markets....and I think he took my reply to literally, saying we don`t trade futures, four letter stocks( except in pairs), and no option plays....A trader can trade any market, entity, etc.

    I think he needed my own capital up front, which is a nice way to raise capital....lower risk, etc....

    But such is life....if peope could spot talent...reggie bush would have been the texan`s first choice, michael jordan would have been in portland instead of chicago, and terry semel/susan decker would not be ceo/cfo`s respectively of yahoo.

    I `m not good at selling myself....having the goods is different than being able to sell yourself.

    Case in point, what the hell is HP`s reason for letting a jounalist with no technology background head its corporate board. She has no talent....but can sell like a mutha....(excuse my french).
  7. ok...i`m looking at any analyst positions, trading positions, or managing money positions....which is ultimately what I want to get back to doing!
  8. NICE resource site to have bookmarked.
  9. Click on the career box to the left and you'll see a few jobs in Houston as well.
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