are the unemployed lazy?

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are the unemployed lazy?

  1. yes, they were born this way

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  2. yes, goverment policy encourages them to be lazy

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  3. no, people enjoy being productive for money.

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  4. I am to lazy to read these articles

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  5. working 6 months than collecting for 99weeks is the new lifestyle.

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    I speak Spanish a little and love to talk to Mexicans about Mexico. They have health care but no other safety net that much. They work their asses off... I'd say that it's because their choice is to work or literally die maybe... besides, I swear that they are born workers..

    Personally the times of my life that I remember as being the best were the ones when I was not working, that's just me. The only way I'm going to work day in and day out is if the alternative is worse. Out of work and no car =happiness to me, I love hiking and shopping via the backpack and shanks mare method... Nonetheless I had a family and a house and I worked steady for three decades.. I pretty much didn't like it but I hadda do what I hadda...

    Trading is my answer to the dilemma of work vs poverty, I can automate, I can work just a couple of hours and be done for the day by 8:30 am PST.. WIN stands for Work is Nonprofit and it's more true with every jobless recovery that we have...
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    Oh snap, he does have a point, Clotilde! :eek:
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    your obsession with 15th century queens and assholes see central to your character.
    time for you to show a little humility.
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    You're not fooling anyone by pretending to not be a hot French chef lady.
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    can't you two just stop that? :)

    can i vote for #2 and #4 at same time?
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    I admit, it is fun. :D Zdreg is fantastic entertainment after spending all day staring at code.
  8. are the unemployed lazy?

    Here's how you collect UE. Log in computer with pin number, answer 4 or 5 questions - wait for check in mail. My daughters boyfriend was "once" to lazy to do this. I kicked his ass and then he did it (Steps 1 and 2) . Then his benefits ran out. Maybe someother lifetime he'll get a job.
  9. You left out the most important option: Speaking truth to power.
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