Are the Signals providers a good option?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by daforex, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. daforex


    Hi Traders!
    I'm a begginer in this exiting world which is FOREX and I need advise from experienced traders!
    I have been searching information about Autotrading with signals providers, because I have tried to trade for my own and it was a disaster... :confused:

    I found out two interesting options... They are Rent a Signal and Zulutrade.
    Is anybody trading with any of them...?
  2. alarFX



    Let me tell you my experience with them, because I traded a lot by hand and lately I am trading most with through this kind of websites. Zulutrade is the most famous, but in my opinion it is really impossible to know how much you have in risk with their systems. I tried their most followed systems and to be honest I was not able to earn a penny with them. With Collective2 I was not able to connect my MT4 with, so I am not sure if they support MT4. I have just known about Rentasignal who has less systems, but in my opinion they have better features for trading automated systems. Their risk settings are so completed and its service seems to be free, but opening an account with FXCM. I don't like so much FXCM, because it is really difficult to open an account. By the moment I am trying with Rentasignal. Let's see!
  3. markger


    I think zulu is much more user friendly. Im using them and im very satisfied with the results. You just have to be careful with which providers and broker you choose.
    I suggest you open a demo and try them out.
  4. alarFX


    Thanks but I tried a lot with them and I lost most of my account. I tried their DEMO and everything was right, most of the trades were win trades, but when I started with REAL account everything was different. On the other hand there is a trick with the information they show, did you check what they are showing in the charts? Only BALANCE, so all systems that are having current loses don't reflect that information in the charts....

    But the biggest problem I saw with them is that it is not possible to control the risks, how to do with that risk settings, you can control some numbers, but nor your risk, it is simply not possible from my point of view. Besides I am not sure about the information, true or not? I don't know, but DEMO is not the same than REAL, I have that completely clear.

    Do you know other sites where I could trade automated systems? I don't have so much time for trading, so I like their idea, besides I am not sure if it works.

  5. markger


    Which broker did you use? Because some brokers tend to give different price feeds and add to slippage (see the slippage chart). Especially if the provider you use is scalping, you usually get different results, as scalping doesnt work well in zulu...
  6. alarFX


    I have been trading with signals for a long time, so I know how to select a broker, and recognize a provider who is I recognize someone who is trying to sell me something. If you are personal of zulutrade, please try to develope and improve the information about your signals providers, as the risk setting of zulutrade site instead of make spam. Anyway, thanks for the advise!
  7. markger


    No, I only have a live account with them, which is doing good. I like their platform in general. I just wanted to understand where you had problem and maybe help :D
  8. Swarm


  9. with the use of the MT4 'Account Copier' ea, what happens if the client computer
    goes down - isp or broker disconnect or power outage - when the trader has just
    entered a trade ?

    presume the client computer Has to be ON 24/5 in order to receive orders, also is
    there or can there be any problems when the client computer is being used for other
    tasks, browsing the web, online gaming, etc ?
  10. StateWX


    I don't understand how some people can still defending Zulu.

    I have been investing with Zulu and....

    I have checked what are the Zulu best-ranked and I've seen that most of the signals have "stranges" profits in its last Trading History.
    For example, see "Fast Grow" "9th Zulu position". If you see in the Trading History from page 30 to final page, all results are fakes.
    Check it, and tell me your opinions.
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