Are the posters in this board ahead of the general population?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lilduckling, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. It seems all the arguments made against Palin and McCain were made here on ET way before the general population caught on and the national media began to discuss it.

    Just an observation.
  2. An interesting observation. I participate in two political boards and I find that this board is days behind in its information.

    For example, the whole bizarre "Obama is planning re-education camps and a secret SS domestic military" (which they got from the fact that he wants to expand the peace corps and create a seniors' corp and a school corp to help at schools) was originally sent to me in an email from a friend weeks ago.

    So this board might be ahead of the public, but it's not up to date at all.
  3. It will be nice when the election is over, is all I can say. Although there will be Obama news far into next year, I have had enough a long time ago. I wrote a little on which was fun - but just the same as anywhere else.
    They made quite a sophisticated Internet community site, though - which was what interested me.

  4. Man I made the deregulation article months ago, here and on a facebook blog. Now everybody is all about it. Damnit. lol
  5. hughb


    If the posters on this board are truly ahead of the general population, then we are all going to have our guns confiscated and be shipped off to reeducation camps.

    I'm bookmarking all those "ahead" posts to be bumped up after Obama's presidency for humor four years from now.

    PS: the posters on this board are members of the general population. Registering a handle on a chat board does not anoint one with special status.

  6. Kind of like how we can all make fun of you for voting for Bush? Maybe you will get your chance, who knows....but we ALREADY get to laugh at you :D

  7. lol why am I stupid? Because I assumed you voted for Bush? Your post was anti-Obama, which on this forum usually means your republican, which in this world usually means you voted for the last republican candidate. So I ask you, what makes you think Im stupid?
  8. Hmm...

    Yes. :(
  9. hughb


    OK, so I deleted my vindictive posts. I've had too much coffee on an empty stomach. Combine that with being called a Bush voter and you can understand my angst.

  10. lol I can't blame you. My mistake.
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