Are the People of Alabama stupids ?

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    Or is the State of Alabama a shareholder of CCA ?


    a few quote :

    "If you aren’t allowed to put what you want into your own body then you are a slave."
    “It is amazing that our government is willing to trample the constitutional rights of its citizens and inflict such harm on society in order to protect the fiscal interests of the oil, pharmaceutical, chemical and timber companies.”
    Why is this so ‘amazing’?
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    Do YOU live in Alabama? :D
  3. "Stupid" need not be an adjective. It can also be a noun. As a noun, it can take the plural form.
  4. You can put marijuana in your just cant do it in Alabama. Tell her to try Amsterdam next time. (Or if she waits a few weeks, California)
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    "Stupid" is an adjective. Only stupids think it's a noun.
  6. No, it's true. I could tell you stories you wouldn't believe about alabama. The United Nations just recently raised hell with Alabama about how carelessly they were executing prisoners(not that I am a big fan of the UN).

    The sale of sex toys is banned in Alabama(not joking). It's a holly rolling, fascist shit hole.

  7. mouhahaha...

    Thx, In fact it's "informal" ^^

    Furthermore it comes from the latin word stupidus... maybe one of the oldest word... and I would be curious to know one culture where this concept doesn't exist !

    Let think rationally :

    The premise was : "If you aren’t allowed to put what you want into your own body then you are a slave."

    > In Alabama you can NOT put WHAT YOU WANT in your body

    > the prefect conclusion : in Alabama you are a slave.

    Please feel free to attack^^

    And about your comment on Amsterdam, I let you read this from the link above :

    He had a treatment from a OFFICIAL US DOCTOR...
    And who is this "her" ?

    So at the end it's always the same shit.

    There is an asshole who doesn't like/like something. And so he wants to ban/impose it on everyone. And then they will paper it by saying it's for your good. FUCK that it's for his good, not yours.

    Do you have an idea where this kind of mentality come from ? and what permits them to prosper trough history, in particular in Alabama ? What could be the factor(s) influencing this stupidity ?
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    Actually I'm in Georgia gabby. That's next to Alabama in the U.S.A., where the residents opinions on such matters actually matter. As opposed to your Canadian opinion for example.