Are The Markets Rigged?

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  1. This guy says they are rigged!

    Happy trading
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  2. Maverick74


    What a load of BS. There are an infinite number of holding periods for any trader using fundamental, technical or quantitative analysis. There is no "one" period".
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  3. Another bla bla for noobs.


    And then behind the door to happiness was one last HFT algo our noob did not account for and the market black swanned... the end.
  4. I don't have the time or interest to watch this, but so what if they were rigged? Should make them even more predictable, IMO.
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  5. Yes is rigged, and is very profitable because of that.
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  6. He only says they are rigged because he is not making as much money as the 18 year old hedge fund managers he follows on the internet.
  7. zhucap


    these threads make me reaffirm that there is money to be made in the markets. There are people out there and Trading is a zero sum game.
  8. lylec305


    Yes, the markets are rigged! They admit it, explained here ...
  9. KeLo


    And it has happened to HFT, as Craig Pirrong points out:

    "In fact, HFT has followed the trajectory of any technological innovation in a highly competitive environment. At its inception, it was a dramatically innovative way of performing longstanding functions undertaken by intermediaries in financial markets: market making and arbitrage. It did so much more efficiently than incumbents did, and so rapidly it displaced the old-style intermediaries. During this transitional period, the first-movers earned supernormal profits because of cost and speed advantages over the old school intermediaries. HFT market share expanded dramatically, and the profits attracted expansion in the capital and capacity of the first-movers, and the entry of new firms. And as day follows night, this entry of new HFT capacity and the intensification of competition dissipated these profits. This is basic economics in action."
  10. speedo


    Yes, they are rigged toward those who are disciplined and know what they are doing.
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