Are the majority of people that play video games theives?

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  1. This thought just occured to me today when i was walking through target. I notice that the console type video games(xbox, PS3, wii) are always locked behind a glass cabinet. Is this because generally the people that play console video games are theives? The movies are not locked up. The computer video games are not locked up. Just the console games. Are console video games like heroin to people that they feel like they need to steal them?

    I also wonder if its just todays day & age. When i was young, we had the ATARI 2600 for our console game. Games were about 30 dollars each. They were never hidden behind a glass case. When Nintendo came out in 1985...that wasnt locked up either. But today, they are all behind the glass case. What happened in the last 20 years that these stores feel like so many theives are out there, they need to lock them up?
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    The retailers and publishers are paranoid assholes who think everyone is out to steal from them. They do all sorts like put DRM and copyright protection in their software that doesn't work just because a few people went and took it from them. It's only up until recently when they've stepped up their DRM fetish that piracy as become a genuine problem.

    As for the glass boxes, I don't bloody know, they've probably adopted the old person mentality of "Them hoodlums will steal our goldz!". I don't go to retail stores anymore because of the stupid prices and before that law got appealed I had to give out a fucking I.D if I wanted to buy a 15 rated game.
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    Stores put all kinds of shit that has a low size to value ratio behind locked cases - blank dvd's, thumb drives, mach3 razor blades if it is small, relatively valuable, and easy to pocket it will end up there. I doubt the people who are stealing this kind of stuff could figure out how to turn on a video game console much less play a game.
  4. What about the games themselves. Grand Theft? Shooting cops and abusing women?
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    Just good clean fun :D
  6. Don't you have anything better to worry about?
  7. What does this have to do with trading???? Someone please move this thread to to trash can where it belongs... :mad:
  8. Being a peculiar question, enough to grab my attention, I found two minutes to spare during this very reply...

    1) Elite Trader >> Psychology has a thread on video game theft? Erm.

    2) Children are a lot more likely to play video games than are their adult counterparts. Sometimes theft is a necessity made so in response to a lack of funds.

    3) Who the hell steals video games? Just download them, sheesh.

    4) And most importantly... WHO THE HELL FREQUENTS ELITE TRADER to enough an extent that would warrant replies in this thread?

    Like someone said already, items behind a glass case are NOT just video games. Go to a drug store and look at the liquor behind a glass case, right next to the equally intoxicating cheaper drinks. Ah, ah? Anything?

    But I will forgive the original poster if he gives me a magic formula to turn my $180 into billions over the course of 3 months.
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    Bring it to Zimbabwe central bank. Now that you got my magic strategy, I expect to get a cut on your earnings. 70/30 split, To show you I'm a fair man, I'll take 30. :p
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    they have only one default... THEY ARE SMARTER THAN YOU.

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