Are the likes of Jigsaw and Bookmap toys for little boys

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  1. After many months learning the ladder and trying many platforms my opinion is that if you are serious about trading and scalping the price ladder you need a serious tool not a toy. TT CQG and even Sierra Charts are good options. Jigsaw and bookmap feel like they can break at any minute. What are your thoughts?
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  2. My opinion is they are interpretations of the market. Does it make sense to use interpretations created by other people? I don't know. I make my own tools FWIW.

  3. What do you mean by interpretations? The Price ladder and in particular the Depth and Sales is the tape which is the market? My post is regarding the software makers in question
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    are you algos actually using depth of market?
  5. Not algos. But depth of market isn't helpful for me.

    Philosophically though... Are they the market? If it was that easy, then something would be wrong.

    Edit: This is an observation only: I notice that the REALLY good traders use almost zero indicators.
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  6. If Futures is an order based market does it not make sense that a collection of orders make up that market? “The tape exists without charts, charts cannot exist without the tape” Jessie Livermore. I love how we are drifting of the topic but that’s OK it’s all good discussion. The point of the post was to discuss platforms not whether the tape is useful that is an argument I cannot win with Chart Traders not saying you are just saying.
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  7. Well I’m not an algo but yes I do use the Price Ladder. Apart from the Volume profile I don’t use any indicators or charts. It was a tough transition but worthwhile.
  8. All I'm saying is if depth of market is/was legit, it will be gamed. So is it really the market? The only thing I trust is what people actually buy/sell at.
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    I don't understand this statement. What do you mean by "break" and have you ever experienced said breakage when using Jigsaw?
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  10. what do you mean by break any minute?
    if you mean that the software will not be available any more, I think you're wrong, it's a great tool that helps traders so there will be a demand, but even if not it's not an expensive tool to create, so anyhow I believe it will continue running
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