Are Soros books any good?

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  2. I read both <i>The Alchemy of Finance</i> and <i>Soros on Soros</i>, and found them very good.
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    What I mean is, did they made you any money?
  4. A of F is a very good book. Reading it will make you a better thinker and trader
  5. Is A of F tough to read?
  6. buy it on audio :)
  7. No, I mean the concepts and such. Does he use a lot of mathematical models, etc?
  8. i know what you meant... think about it. :) hahahhahaha
  9. Soros just gets into systems how models are reflexive so you have to look at where and when the model will reflex.. in currency, bonds , etc.

    Not much math.

    Remember he is the ultimate discretionary trader, he doesnt really have any system that hes follows other than some mysterious back pain that tells him to lay off a position.
  10. Soros book ok for a bookstore read; better is Neiderhoffer "Practical Speculation", more math and stats talk; Options, Pricing, and Volatility (Natenberg, 1994 2nd Ed) is a great book on market dynamics.

    In reality, a good hi-level stats book on autoregression, distribution curves, and hypothesis testing will give you the edge you seek. Start with Statistics for Dummies then check out more advanced books in the Math/Engineering section in your bookstore.

    Read some google-advanced-search papers on GARCH and Black-Scholes option pricing and volatility forecasting.

    No one really gives a crap about direction it is volatility we seek
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