Are screen traders at risk of eyesight problems ?

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  1. Anyone is an ophtalmologist here ?

    I don't like the idea that staring at a screen 12 hours a day could be bad for my eyes. I have been doing this for 7 years, and it seems my eyes are not as good as they used to be.
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    are firemen at a risk of catching fire?
  3. when I was 17 my vision was 20/20

    at 18, 20/25

    at 19, after a year of trading, 20/80 in one eye, 20/200 in the other. My family does have bad vision, so I don't scientifically know that scalping orderbooks ruined my eye sight, but I do suspect that it did not help.
  4. how old are you now and has it continued to get worse?


  5. After my 8th year my eyes got alot worse. I had to start wearing glasses. Also i had brown spot on my face which i had laser treatment to get rid of. It has it's downside. Get your eyes checked every year.
  6. ofcourse!...some thing like computer eye syndrome

    our bodies usually tell us when to stop, by givings us headaches, eye irritation, blurriness, etc. but if you keep staring at the monitor anyway and don't give enough time for the eye tissue to repair itself, then yes you get eyesight problems.

    i sit in front of a window, and every few minutes i look at a longer distance, it helps a little. (but i do have glasses:( - i was reading too much in college without proper sleep, oh well)
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    The good news is....your eyes start getting better after 40ish.
    Go to a good Opthomologist regularly, and not just an Optometrist.

  8. That is good news :D
  9. 19.

    I haven't gotten my eye sight checked in 3 months, but it doesn't seem worse... it's still probably around 20/80- 20/200, and I wear glasses half the time now.
  10. I had mine down to appx 20/20 right and 20/15 left (I had PRK on my left eye back in 01 to meet vision standards for a particular military job field)...

    Mine is pretty bad nowadays after being in front of a screen for the past 3 years or so between trading and working. Horrible. It really sucks. I am 26.
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