Are Republicans who call themselves christian are hypocritical!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Does anybody here find it quite ironic the republican party that stands for moral christian values are now fighting with their own anti abortion friends and churches? You have 2 sides of the republican party one who is conservative but has its roots in the old racist and segratist history and one that is more liberal and pro business. One side claiming its a moral christian duty to help others and the other from the pro slavery days. Its quite ironic, the racist side who used the church to justify their actions, but when it comes down to it show their real face. :D
  2. Joe


    I don't think you can classify republicans or any other political group into two categories. At the minimum there are three and thats only because there is not enough time to report all of them. If your trying to start an argument, well your going to have to come up with better than that. How long have you been on ET, take some pointers from ZZZ and Coinz they know how to get people riled up.
  3. reg


    That may be asking too much. The guy can't even string together a correct, coherent sentence.

    Right, Abdul?