Are Republicans Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome?

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  1. Stockholm syndrome is a condition in which hostages begin to identify with their captors and in some cases actively assist them. The fear experienced by hostages and the absolute control hostage takers have over their victims apparently exert a powerful psychological effect.

    I am beginning to see elements of this at work in the fiscal cliff debate. Last night for example on the Hannity show, Ann Coulter made the suggestion that the House republicans should just go along with obama's tax demands because "they will lose anyway" and the issue of taxes on the rich "plays into a republican stereotype." Apparently, if your opponent can pose an issue in a way that can create discomfort for the weak-kneed in your party, the only alternative is to fold. Funny how that only seems to apply to republicans though.

    Republicans have a long history of this sort of thinking. It gave us the Martin Luther King holiday, because no matter how ridiculous the idea was, it "played into a stereotype" tp oppose it. Similarly, we got the Americans With Disabilities Act, a piece of mischief that produced a Supreme Court decision telling the US Golf Association that they had to let a guy ride in a cart in the US Open. Republicans though, led by President George Bush Sr, were afraid of looking mean-spirited, ie "playing into the stereotype", so they backed it.

    Now Obama has in effect taken the House republicans hostage and convinced the voters it was their own fault. The republican hostages are displaying all the craven signs of Stockholm syndrome, ie punishing fellow hostages for failing to obey the hostage taker. They have turned hostile toward would be rescuers, eg Grover Norquist, instead blaming them for their situation. They even have the tools to escape, ie the debt ceiling, but are too terrified to use them.

    It is not a pretty picture.
  2. Good post. It's hard to know what to say or what to do. I'm sure their are some intelligent counter strategies but no balz behind them.
  3. You cite some examples, but they're small potatoes campared to this. I think, don't know, but think what Coulter and others are planning. A plan in which I agree.
    Obama says he's got a mandate. The people have spoken. OK, give it to him/them, the whole f'n burrito. What needs to happen next is that republican leadership goes on national TV and say, he wants it, he's got it. However, we do not in any way, shape or form support his plan, nor do we think it will work. In fact, we believe his plan will fail miserably, but he's the boss and it's HIS call. They must say this boldly and directly.
    One of two things happens. The wheels come off completly and the republicans are proven right. Dems are thrown to the trash heap of politics and the job begins of fixing the country. OR, Obama's plan works and it's the republicans which are cast out. It's an all in bet. The question is, do the republicans have the courage of their convictions, or are they just blowing smoke where there is no fire?
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    Blowing smoke.

    But, Obama won't do anything if he doesn't get his tax rate increases so either way he gets his way. If they reach a deal, taxes on incomes over $250K go up and spending cuts later (meaning never). Or we go over the cliff and taxes go up on everyone (well just the 49% who pay them) and not even a promise of spending cuts except to, mainly, the military. So, it doesn't matter which way it goes. Congress might as well go home and quit worrying about it.
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    BTW, let's just leave the debt limit where it is for the next year. Layoff all the government workers, don't pay congress or the president, don't pay our interest on the debt, bring the military home, don't make social security payments and medicare payments and let's just see how it goes after that.

    Of course, we still have all the revenue coming in. Let the government prioritize like the rest of us do.
  6. Public opinion is firmly against the Republicans now no matter what they do. I would just engage in a scorched earth policy. Fuck it, tank the whole economy. Just go on holiday right now, after all Obama is doing the same. Boycott every piece of legislation. Let's tank this economy hard and see who cries mommy first.
  7. We had this conversation before, as i recall. I'm not quite sure what Coulter's point was, other than they should avoid being seen as forcing tax hikes for 98% in a vain effort to spare 2%. It seems to the obvious way around that is for the House to pass an extension of the Bush tax cuts for everyone. You force the democrats into a difficult vote and you at least can make the claim that you tried to prevent tax increases.

    At the same time, they can vote to repeal or defer the so called cliff. Then let the Senate and Obama deal with it. Agreeing to it was a dumb move in the first place, so getting rid of it should be a no-brainer. Offer to extend the debt limit for a year in exchange for equal cuts in discretionary programs.

    The problem with just going along with Obama is the media and democrats will never accept that his plan was flawed. They will just insist the stimulus wasn't big enough, and the tax hikes were too small. That's exactly what they did when his other stimulus plans failed. Remember, with liberals, results don't matter, only intentions.

    Also, if I had voted for a republican congressman, particularly if he claimed to be Tea Party sympathetic, and his first vote is to bend over and grab his ankles for Obama, I think I have a right to be pissed. We sent him to DC to oppose obama, not to go along to avoid media criticism. If he isn;t willing to do it, we need to get someone else next election. A lot of these chickenshit republicans are goign to be primaried, you can bet on that.
  8. hey you stole my term "scorched earth policy"

    So yeah that means I agree.
  9. I agree as well. If you are going to be excoriated and maligned no matter what you do, you might as well stick to your principles.

    They must appear to be doing something positive however, which is why I suggested passing an extension, passing a bill to eliminate the automatic sequesters and offering to extend the debt ceiling in exchange for immediate discretionary cuts.
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    Max E.

    Watching Rand Paul right now on Kudlow, and quite frankly, i agree with what he is saying, republicans should simply give in to all the tax increases the democrats want by simply voting present, for every bill the democrats bring up, except for spending increases, then when the economy tanks, it will be impossible for dems to hang this on the conservatives.

    Obama is now trying to have his cake and eat it too, isnt this a masterfukl fuck job, after years of democrats talking about how the bush tax cuts did nothing for the economy, now these same ass holes want to try to pin it on republicans, if the bush tax cuts expire, so it was bad when the bush tax cuts passed, and now they are trying to sell that it will be bad if they eliminated, so repuvlicans best bet is to let them expire, and let these assholes get what they want, simply vote present, when the dems vote to eliminate them all.
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