are republican neocons manipulating us into war with iran if they win the white house

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  1. General Pushes For U.S. War With Iran
    Retired United States Army General John Keane seemed to push for starting a war with Iran when speaking with two subcommittees of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

    WASHINGTON -- House Republicans gave the stage Wednesday to hardliners who called for everything from cyber attacks to political assassinations in response to Iran's alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador on American soil, which was revealed earlier this month.

    "We've got to put our hand around their throat now," retired Army Gen. John Keane told a hearing of two key subcommittees of the House Committee on Homeland Security. Speaking of the Quds Force, which is accused of masterminding the foiled plot to use Mexican drug traffickers to carry out the hit in Washington, he implored the panel, "Why don't we kill them? We kill other people who kill others."
  2. is Obama pulling out of Iraq to entice Iran into war for his October surprise before the election....
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    The only candidate in either party I trust to not start a war with Iran is Ron Paul, the Republican that all the neocon Republicans hate. jakejones no doubt hates Ron Paul too, which is an excellent reason for anyone with good sense to vote for Ron Paul.
  4. Which is why the entire establishment has done everything in its power to marginalize Dr Paul. It is now a confirmed fact:
  5. We should have been fomenting revolution in Iran for a long time. Instead, we labelled their opposition groups terrorists and allowed the Iraqis to kill them in their refugee camps, no doubt at the direction of Iran.

    Going to war with iran would be a big mistake. Undermining their regime and providing funds and weapons to opposition groups would not be.
  6. Seems we've been doing this for a number of years now. We actively train, support, and fund the Jundallah (at least, according to some sources).
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    What about the war monger that is in the WH now?