Are Quant funds=Hedge funds=PropFirms=Bshops?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by virtualmoney, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. A number of ex-college mates who are engineers, accountants, sales managers,etc. asked me if I could trade for them since they have no time to monitor their trades and could only invest long term in mutual funds/ETFs/Bank Structured products(which included subprime CDOs).

    Some proposed a 40%:40% scheme, meaning at the end of a period (3 mths or 1 year), I take 40% of the net profit or compensate 40% of the loss if it is a net loss.

    A trader/gambler I met, after hearing this, straight away told me it's a fantastic deal...I ask why?

    "Just tell them you lost everthing and you get to keep 60%
    of whatever they gave you"

    So ... did these Billions dollar funds really lose that much? How transparent are they?:confused:
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    they are' private' funds so they are not transparent or shoud be.

    you friends would have to 'trust' you with their money.