Are private charities any better then goverment programs?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Daal, Oct 23, 2006.

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    I would like to ask specially for the friedmanites.
    If government programs do more harm than good according to him why private charity would be any better?They don't need to produce results in order to get funding all they need is a good spokesperson, good marketing, appearance of efficiency, good intentions speeches and ads, etc
    Bottom line is they still are 'spending somebody else's money' and I fail to see how can they be any better
  2. Angel investing is the best vehicle for an affluent person to do charitable giving...imo of course!

    I won't go into my feelings towards *most* charities and the government! I appreciate the efforts of an entreprenuer with a viable idea.

    Charitable giving can be diversified like investment strategies.
  3. One big difference is that people running charities are truly interested in solving some problem or providing aid in a certain area.

    Whereas politicians are only concerned about get re-elected and any program is only measured on how many votes supporting it will get, not whether or not it will or CAN get any results.

    Charities may be using OPM but they have to work to get that money. Politicians get tax revenue to spend without any effort or verifiable results.
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    Because government programs, by their very nature, work with government organizations on the receiving end. Corruption soaks up the funds. They don't reach those that need them.

    In contrast, many NGOs work directly with local organiztions in the field. Many church programs, for example, tend to be very locally based and try to avoid involvement with politicians on the national level.
  5. One thing to consider is efficiency in bypassing corruption.

    Another is "what is tied to the charity." Governments often require things of other governments which can be good or bad. A good thing about private charity is you can choose what ties you consider acceptable.
  6. Are panhandlers better than muggers who leave you no choice as they rob you of your money at gunpoint? I'd say they are. At least the beggar allows you the option of refusing.
  7. government , charities , ngos, all the same scam, promise to help the poor, take your money then spend a small amount on the poor and the rest goes to the scammers pockets.

    if you want to help the poor do it yourself , take some bright poor kid under your wing as a protege.

    that's what im planning to do when i get tired of my charity work with exotic dancers.