are price feeds P2P ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kap, Jun 23, 2010.

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    I have been experiencing price feeds to x trader lagging, and e signal.. i have recentley changed my office location, .. i now have increased badwidth, but it seems the traffic/packets are shaped.. moved from optic Fibre to Copper local loop.

    aqre price feeds considered Peer to peer as i know these are shaped ?

    any techies out there ? .. all info appreciated :)
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    bump.. and grind
  3. There are two components to your network performance -- bandwidth and latency. It is certainly possible to have high bandwith but slow response time due to latency.

    Most likely you have higher latency due to more hops to the remote server. Your packets are taking a different routing path. You can use ping and traceroute to find out.

    This is also why HFT want their servers physically close to the exchange. Latency is usually more important than bandwidth for trading.
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    What would be an acceptable ping time for trading?
  5. is not a good measure for trading :D I used to be a sys admin in the market data arena...until the layoff ;-) Your question will be - "Well, then what is a good measure?" My answer will be: hire me and find out :D

  6. It would be helpful to mention the costs associated with your "hiring". Anyway, more on the topic here :
  7. :D My cost....real cheap if I can "telecommute" - I have a place in Hawaii that I am moving to :D I can set up a whole market data environment...that is what I did before and can do better now! I spec'd the OS and machines for a REAL market data environment - no tinker toy stuff - the real deal! Oh - I also spec'd and implemented the foundation for a REAL latency measurement system - not a fake toy like many here would represent as a "latency" monitoring/measurement system. In fact - I set up the whole monitoring system for the whole market data environment - no tinker toy - used DBs and all :D Add to that...I have the connections to and could probably pull in the developers who have implemented full feed environments and have all the right connections at all the right exchanges :D I have both implemented my previous employer's data system...and trained a customers staff for market data (I will say that the customer does E lectronic Trading and they have "power ------ pro" in their product's name ;-) )

    A site like the one above will mention low latency....and the need for "standards" on how to do it...but, they will never divulge the REAL way to do it :D Yes, I do know how to do it. The real players will do it right. The fakers who try to sell the stuff on the'll never get what you "pay" for. First things first...make sure your data provider is NOT using Microsoft products...and NO that is NOT just OS bias...that is legitimate reasoning. I see the people who advertise here and are sponsors...sorry, you will NEVER provide low latency data to your customers using Winbloze.