Are people with ADHD better or worse traders?

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  1. So I was just recently diagnosed with adult ADHD. I did 2 psychological tests administered by my psychologist, and both were off the charts with ADHD. My wife also did the same one about what she observes in me, and got the exact same score as my own self reporting test.

    Some people make their decisions on a trade based on like 10 to 20 different data points that they're receiving all at the same time, and people with ADHD naturally absorb data from all different angles at the same time. Does this make one a better or worse trader? I'm curious to hear any stories that people have trading before taking medication and trading after medication. Did it make you a better trader on medication or worse?
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    MUCH MUCH worse
  3. Really? can you elaborate as to why? I just started taking medication for ADHD. Haven't traded on it yet, but it makes living my day to day life so much better, and has kinda transformed my personality for the better. And also, can I ask.. what medication did you take? What kind of ADHD do you have? Inattentive or hyper type?
  4. Everyone seems like they have ADHD and/or depression. -- it's kind of overblown, to some degree, in my opinion.

    Just give up coffee/caffeine, and social media, TV, and junk foods...and sip tea, plenty of water, go for long walks with a dog and lift weights. and stretch, and learn to read books. be vegan. etc etc.'ll be back to normal, and even better, before you know it. o_O:)
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  5. have you been able to see below your belly button , consistently for las few years?

  6. I think I'd rather give up sex than coffee
  7. Believe me I know it's overblown and way over diagnosed, but I'm one of the few who legitimately has it. I've done countless number of hours of research on this, and for people who don't have it, it seems like a made up disorder. Before I knew I had it, I thought it was all bullshit too.

    I do drink tea, drink a gallon of water per day (not exaggerating) take my dog out 2 or 3 times a day, and watch TV for only about 3 shows that I like. Trust me, there's a giant missing puzzle pieces in my brain.
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    Brother is some pill makes your life better take the freakin thing.

    If the rest of world looks down on you for it, look down on the world there no good for you.

    Live life for you!!!!!!
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    Overblown/over-diagnosed/over-medicated IMO (not medically trained).

    So what is the issue exactly @Golden Retriever Trading ? Will you be medicated? I guess it depends on which meds and how heavily... I had a colleague who had a bit of ADHD or something in that direction... he was a bit of a nerv-wrecking guy who could not sit still, bouncing in his chair... he was restless and talked too much.... but he was one of the best in the firm. Highly dedicated, knew his shit... very nice to work with (except the bouncing bit) and go out for drinks with.

    Everyone is different. Everyone has a bit of a personality disorder... I assume meds change you so it might change your trading... but it comes down to whether you handle yourself well without meds or whether you really need it. If you really need it because you do damage in personal life, you probably should take meds.
  10. JackRab, yes that is exactly the question. I have just started Adderall 7.5mg literally a couple of days ago. It is very positive for me in my daily life. I am more empathetic to people, I engage in the conversations and find it more fun. I voluntarily and un-begrudgingly do housework chores. I am however, scared to try trading on medication. I'm so used to trading without it. And I would have to give it a good week or 2 or even a month to really see if I can adapt and analyze the results. A trial period that may result in consistent losses.(And before someone tells me to paper trade, yes, but paper trading will never be like actual results) So, That's kind of my dilemma. If something isn't broke, then why fix it right? But if I can be even better while on it, then why not? That's why I am asking the public if people can trade better on it, and so far only gotten 1 result from Handle123. If 20 people reply to this and say the same thing, then I would be pretty convinced that it is a good/bad idea.
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