Are our money safe?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by qdz2, Feb 17, 2003.

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    This is happening every minute! It's getting bigger and wider...

    What guarantee can be given to the customers? What kind of responsibility should the firms assume for or push to their customers? Should they be liable especially for damage caused by ignorance?


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    you should be ok;
    "Both card companies have zero-liability policies, which protect cardholders from being held responsible for unauthorized or fraudulent charges"
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    IS - IS your money safe. NOT "are your money safe".

    Look, I can barely speak my own language, and stand in awe of people who can speak 2, 3, or even more...but damn-it, your mangling of the English drives me NUTS!
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    Okay, okay. I tried to correct the embarrassing error. But it is not my fault that the ET system didn't change the title on the cover page for me.

    Hey, thanks for pointing it out, man. By the way, why is it "people are" and "money is"?

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    People is plural - money would appear to be, but isn't. No one said English was's why I have such a hard time with do many of the other posters who's native tongue it is as well.

    But thank you for trying to set things straight.
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    Cut out the grammar lessons and get back to your journal

    Idle b******
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    One word at a time...OK?