Are old threads available for viewing?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Bolimomo, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. I just discovered that it seems EliteTrader has trimmed the size of each forum to only 8 pages. (I think I used to see many more pages than that.)

    e.g. the Hardware forum

    Is that so?

    Are my older posts available for searches/viewing? I couldn't seem to find some of my old posts on Google any more.
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    You can change the number of pages that are displayed by using the "sort" feature, which is located beneath the last thread title on any of those 8 forum thread list pages. So if you want to get the maximum number of threads for a given forum, change the drop down box on the far right from "last day" to "the beginning", and then hit the sort button.
  4. Thank you byteme. I have not used ET's own search function until now after you mentioned it. I used to use Google to do my search but for some reasons Google did not find my old post that I was looking for. ET's own search function did. I will use it going forward. I am happy now. :)
  5. Yes Administrator this works very well. I will use this setting going forward.