Are my Documents safe to transfer to a new PC?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by blackbeard, May 5, 2006.

  1. I have a new computer that I want to load my old documents (MS word, pics, music, video's etc) to. I don't want to transfer any viruses, spyware etc that may be hidden. How do I know if it's safe to do? Thanks
  2. Scan either the files you want to transfer and/or the whole computer.

    Install 'Hijack This': and run Hijack first as it may identify problems, 'viruses' etc that have installed on your computer. If it does list something you don't understand, google the name to see if it's a problem that others have encountered. You may need specialised help to get rid of 'it', follow instructions on any Help forum your search throws up or ask about 'it' on the Major Geeks Help forum or is another Helper.

    Here's the free AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic which I find does the job for me:

    You can also use online scans, google: 'online scans' which will list several you can use, not sure if MicroSoft's free antivirus is download and/or online.

    See also which lists many additional free programs.

    No one program 'does it all', sometimes there are 'viruses' that require a specialised program/fix specific to the problem which is usually apparent — you'd know it if you'd got a problem. Using all of the above should be sufficient to clean your files.
  3. Scan them with anti-virus software?
  4. Probably safe to transfer if they survive a virus scan.