are my commisions any good??

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  1. Leland,

    I have mainly used ECHOtrader for trading, and First Alert for quotes. In the last few weeks I started playing with First Alert for sending orders as well. I am very impressed with First Alert's order entry, it is also smoking fast and has a lot of cool features that are very different than in other platforms, like the FA filters and configurable Action buttons. I think I will stay on ECHOtrader for trading though because I am so used to it and like the ET hotkeys.

    I'll re-check my email, every good email is usually surrounded by 15 ads for hot teens or home loans and I miss some every now and then, I need to try that junk mail filtering.


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  2. I was just reading this whole long thread, and now I also wonder... Gene, were you able to figure out why SLK is the only clearing firm that charges traders an order cancelling fee for trading QQQ??
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  3. Eddie,

    As I had mentioned the QQQ cancels(on the AMEX)
    are a pass through charge from the specialist
    on the AMEX Susquehanna. According to our clearing
    firm , they are only for AMEX QQQ cancels. As of
    late, we have not been charged. On REDI, the QQQ's
    are being automatically routed to the NYSE(Spear,
    Leeds is the market maker). On REDI+ REDIBOOK ecn
    is also available for QQQ during the day. For our
    QQQ traders routes NYSE,NYSE(NX direct),ISLD,AMEX
    and INCA are available for QQQ's. I don't know if
    SLK is the only clearing firm being charged for
    QQQ cancels. How many QQQ's do you cancel a day?
    It would be significant only if you cancel a large
    number of QQQ orders(like over 100 per day). I don't
    like the charge , however it may be removed in the
    future. The charge was added because large numbers
    of traders were cancelling & replacing orders.

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C.

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