are my commisions any good??

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  1. "More endearing comments from our protector and savior. It's only equitable for you to know that I, too, care less than a rat's pimple...about the drivel that continually springs forth from your keyboard "

    Now you are trying to be sarcastic.....not good at that....

    I am nothing to you !! Better yet you are nothing to me !

    This is a PUBLIC forum - I am not your saviour - your complaints and general whining just are too noisy. I was many times ready to walk from this site !!! It's too negative full of newbies and losers.. Maybe it's time now !

    But before I go - pay attention to what's important....
    My post (and my objection) was to someone who at a worst of times seeking publicity to his Daytrading company. He should buy an add from Baron, but it's a different story. It's netiquitte.... I find it a disgrace that you all
    glossed over that......but again it's you... comes back to
    the one thing you can never change !!!
    how I express myself is not even the point. Who are you Miss
    Manners ??????? Many dislike me here cause I find most of your struggle a bit too much to take. - but in a sick way I find it also entertaining.
    I was always the bearer of bad news many of you KNOW ALREADY. So before you shoot the messenger - I bid you farwell !!! I give up on you !!!! You are beyond help ! I have been into this game for near 20 years and had a series 7, 3, floor badge and professional upstairs trader !!

    I have learned one thing... This business needs idiots !!!

    I posted and cajoled and tried to explain - some of you are just plain stupid, stubborn people - deserve to lose it to a better financed trader !!! Say good-by to your money - give it to Gene he may back you after butt kissing him on this thread !!!!!
    All who boast to make money every month daytrading stocks - back up with statements all you are just "talking heads" !!!! I don't believe any of it ! The general feel on this group is DOOM !!!! Some (very few maybe succesful) but most are suckers !!!! I admire some who are willing and flexible to change with changing conditions. I pitty the pathetic infexible dreamers. I don't like myself getting "down to the matt" and being personal so I QUIT !!!
    I will lurk but will shut up so the pipe dreamers can go on
    and make big plans !!
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  2. tymjr


    Hey, come on now. Don't hold back.

    I don’t always agree with you but I still am interested in hearing what you have to say! I’ve said it before; I hope you stick around even if you’re a bit caustic at times.
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  3. andrasnm - you have a problem. Get some help.
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  4. Magna

    Magna Administrator


    I was many times ready to walk from this site...Maybe it's time now
    It is time now, trust your sense of things. No need for you to continue to put up with dolts, as you refer to us.

    I bid you farwell !!! I give up on you !!!! You are beyond help ! [/b]
    A few might, but most here won't miss your rantings and ravings.

    I don't like myself getting "down to the matt" and being personal so I QUIT !!! I will lurk but will shut up
    One can only hope you are, at the very least, a man of your word.

    Enjoy lurking, and please keep your promise. Goodbye.
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  5. Hey guys, cool it!

    Why are you all getting so emotional with eachother? I hope that you don't display such emotions when trading; uncontrolled emotion is bad news for trading performance. My suggestion is that if you don't like eachother, simply ignore eachother. There is no reason for any of you to stop posting on elitetrader. All of your comments have value.
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  6. dozu888


    man, is frustration running high or what
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  7. Turok


    Candletrader says:
    >Why are you all getting so emotional
    >with each other?

    >uncontrolled emotion is bad news for
    >trading performance

    Misreading of the indicators would be every bit as bad for trading. Someone has become emotional, yes -- but there is no "with each other" going on here. It's clearly a one way street.

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  8. Those commissions are very high. I would recommend that you consider trading professionally at Bright Trading. They have a good establishment going on over there.

    One adavantage is that you only have to put up 25k for NYSE, and 40k for nasdaq. They do pay up 100% if you can keep your account above a minimum balance, and they have one of the lowest rates in the industry. There are no rip off fess like most firms charge. Clear and Simple. .01 per share on nyse, and .0125 on nasdaq. NO ECN FEES! Also, Bright Trading does pay rebates on all trades! Alot of firms don't give rebates out, and also charge tickets. Bright also allows you to use conversions. Again, lots of firms don't because they don't have the capital requirements to allow you to do that. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! firms that only allow you to use bullets are stealing money from you on tickets! Why give the house extra money? They can add up to thouands of wasted dollars.

    I would becareful about firms that are talking alot of hype such as Echo. Do your home and look into Bright, where your money is exrremely safe from anyone blowing out. Bright has been around for quite a long time and have a good presence in the trading industry. Over 40 offices across the country shows for something!!!!

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  9. goodtrader, I have followed these boards for a long time and never seen anyone so pumped on Bright before. And on your first post ever, anyone else find this interesting???

    I traded at Bright and have never been unhappier. I traded in a few of your offices, and was charged an arm and a leg to trade on a 350-Mhz Celeron with 64 Megs of RAM that would lock up at the drop of a hat. And for the people that are fed-up with your computers and bring in their own, they are still charged $600 a month plus commissions to trade with you. Want level 2, that costs more on top of everything else you are paying.

    If I still wanted to trade on Redi (which I don't), I would sooner go to Lieber & Weismann and pay 3-cents than pay 1.25-cents with you. Trading at Bright was one of the biggest mistakes of my professional career, please don't come on these boards and try to get people to make the same mistakes.
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  10. Good(?)Trader,

    Without solid evidence about your off the cuff remarks about Echo, how much credibility does anything you say have. I know of highly respectable traders using Echo, who are having no problems. For you to come onto Elitetrader and start slagging off Echo with your first post is rather suspicious.
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