Are most traders married?

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Do you discuss trading with your spouse and family?

  1. I am married and discuss trading with spouse/family

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  2. I am married and don't discuss trading with spouse /family

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  3. I am single and discuss trading with significant other/family

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  4. I am single and don't discuss trading with significant other/family

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  5. I am married and spouse/family doesn't know I trade

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  6. I am single and no one else knows I trade

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  1. Buy1Sell2


    How many of you are married and discuss trading with your spouse or family?
  2. Met sig other on a sales call she made.

    Liz, her bro, her step son and BF decided to meet periodically to learn to trade.

    Her first month (4th) after paper trading (90 days) was 30k on 100k with a portion of her capital.

    She runs the foundation and a business nowadays.

    Some of her staff do support stuff for the Tucson group.
  3. Married, and inform the wife every now and then on how it's going. I discuss it with her, but not that often.
  4. Chagi


    I'm "taken" but not yet married, and I've been slowly teaching bits and pieces of how the markets work to my girlfriend. I think that she will be the type of person that is generally interested in knowing what I'm doing (and will support me in pursuing this), but won't really need/want to know the specifics (i.e. I made/lost "x" amount today trading "x").
  5. Single. Keep the family informed, but they generally don't understand what a quantitative developer of automated trading systems does.
  6. I'm 19, so NO :cool:
  7. 23 this year... married: hell no!

    but i do talk to other people about it
  8. " am single and no one else knows I trade"

    b/c I am single and I don't even know what I'm doing much less anyone else.
  9. This is me.
    I wish I could discuss trading with my family, but my family are just "sheeps" in markets.

    Markets, to my parents, are the biggest scam (but legal) in the world - a place to pump people's money into sharks.

    The only thing my family/relative discuss is how to persuade me out of trading. The only thing I discuss is how to persuade them from no intervention in my trading.

    I would like to teach my brother to trade, but he has no interest in this career.
  10. ROFL

    i talk to my parents about stuff like this all the time. they want me to get back on "track". get a safe & secure job. market is where people take your money.

    even that's the case, i still talk to them about it everytime i see them

    buy them Rich Dad Poor Dad & make sure they read it a few times..

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