Are most democrats mentally retarded?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Oct 9, 2010.

Are most democrats mentally retarded?

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  1. Hello


    Are most democrats mentally retarded? Bill Maher just made a point which i have seen made repeatedly by democrats on this site, where he claimed that raising taxes does not infact effect the economy, solely because he is looking at the clinton years, where there was a little known thing called the tech bubble.

    Are all democrats this stupid?

    I would like to hear from the democrats who do not believe they are stupid, who think that raising taxes in the mid 90's somehow contributed to the boom, or i would also love to hear someone explain to me why taxes do not infact effect the economy.
  2. Democrats are intelligent.

    1) If the Republicans are on the offensive, just claim they're racists. They'll go on the defensive. They can't do damage if they're on the defensive. Glen Beck is very easy to throw off.
    2) Democrats pretend they're moderates and create a 3rd party to split the Republican vote, so Democrats win. Free Thinker likes to think he's a moderate, but it's darn obvious he's a useful idiot.
    3) Democrats control the media, unions, senior citizens, blacks, Latinos, communists, and socialists.
    4) Democrats are unified, unlike the Republicans. Obama & the Democrats are systematically destroying the US as we knew it, and all the Republicans do is bitch & complain about other Republicans. After O'Donnell won against Castle, Sean Hannity spent 2 hours on his radio show criticizing Castle. KINGOFSHORTS is like Sean Hannity, except it took me a while to figure out that KINGOFSHORTS may not be a liberal.
    5) Democrats are aided by Islam radicals and European socialists who hate the US.

    The Republicans need to get it together. Otherwise, the blame Bush mantra will continue to 2012. [​IMG]