Are Markit and Bloomberg Competitors?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by RGLD, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. RGLD


    They both provide financial information for market participants. Although I think Markit is more focused on derivatives. I don't see anything on Bloomberg with CDS valuations.. Or maybe I missed it.
  2. No, they're not competitors... BBG does CDS valuations etc.
  3. traider


    Who uses Markit except for bulge brackets? Regional banks usually don't have budget for their stuff unless they really need it for front office trading/ MO mark to market.
  4. newwurldmn


    For an institution, market data is incredibly cheap considering the value it can create in the right hands. That’s why Bloomberg can charge 30k per terminal and selling 100s of thousands of them.
  5. zdreg


    do you have access to a full service Bloomberg or Bloomberg limited available at a public library or at a university?
  6. RGLD


    I have partial access. I do not know how to use Bloomberg completely. My question revolves more around the Bloomberg website where they give bond yields and index information etc. It is similar to the CME website where it gives you all the specs about each contract you want to trade.

    I am confused, Markit has ALOT Of data, most of it I access is free ( mostly economic data). I have never accessed Markit to get CDS valuations or Index prices like TABX etc.. What I can gather is it's mostly for Derivs.