Are Males Obsolete?

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    As intentionality has come to supplant biology, the law, by pretending nature doesn’t exist, has not caught up with reality; it has pole-vaulted over it. A family court in Burlington County, New Jersey, recently put two women on a state birth certificatex Last year, Virginia issued a birth certificate for a gay couple that read “Parent A” and “Parent B.” Massachusetts officials proposed crossing out “Father” on the state’s birth certificate and replacing it with “Second Parent” (until then-governor Mitt Romney nixed the plan). Many legal scholars are now proposing that courts move beyond the “heterosexist model” entirely. Why not put three parents—or four, for that matter—on the birth certificate? This past January, an Ontario court did just that. Intentionality, it seems, can accomplish almost anything.
  2. Look at the bright side, you'll still be able to buy your child a doll with an official birth certificate with a mom and dad.
  3. Males and females are obsolete. There is no male nor female in Christ. Gender is limitation. Christ is unlimited. Christ is your original state. Male and female are concepts - toys - that are put away in an attic full of other obsolete toys that no longer interest a child who grows up. Time is an obsolete toy in the attic of Christ...long forgotten, as if never existed.

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    What a sweet message.
    God creates man in his image then make us obsolete.
    Is God a capitalist?

    Merry Christmas
  5. shut it Ramtha.
  7. Merry Christmas to you too!

    The original purpose of the male, female construct will eventually be seen to be meaningless by the mind that makes it. Perhaps this will take a few million more years.

    The concept of male and female does not really reflect it's maker.

    So the "made in God's image" fable is not any more true than if we were to say that male and female are "made in China".

    But the fable is necessary to maintain the concept as an experience that seems real. And this is because the male/female concept is a faith-based phenomenon best described as an illusion.

    Faith as you understand it may not seem powerful enough to make a world full of males and females. And that is only because its power has been dissipated over time. But before time, a relatively unified mind was able to cast some powerful magic.

    The spell that makes this world is self-destructive, in that it scatters the mind that makes it to the four winds. And as it splits, divides, separates and multiplies it "loses" more and more power, and becomes more and more confused.

    By the time the mind sees itself as a male or female, it's screwed. Game over.

    This spell puts the male and female in a position in which it appears they are the product of their environment, rather than the other way around. Essentially, the spell reverses cause and effect in the perception of the mind that makes the world.

    Once cause and effect are made to appear reversed, the mind is trapped inside it's own little world.

    This world is nothing like reality, the natural home of the mind that makes it. It is the very opposite of reality, so it is "far" from home.

    To go back home, each man and woman must completely reverse the thought system that makes this backwards little world. Cause and effect must be reordered in their minds.

    But how is that possible when the original thought system has been banished from their minds by the spell the makes this world?

    There is a "Way" to remember. I describe it in detail. It takes practice. One must train the mind to think "right". Right thinking is all the "righteousness" required on this path. It is not behavior oriented. Thought must be corrected, bit by bit, to correlate with truth and the proper order of cause and effect.

    Truth is brought into this little world through invitation. Otherwise it waits patiently outside the door, lightly knocking.

    Now, if a male and female were to invite the truth in for supper, they could have a conversation. And if the couple were willing to listen, the truth would tell them some amazing stories that at first would seem unbelievable. But upon further reflection, it will be seen that the truth is the only story that makes any sense of this crazy little world.

    Truth be told, the concept of bodies is not of God because it keeps what he made apart. God made mind as One. The concept of "man", ie. male and female, divides the One into many, none of whom can ever really join, no matter how many positions are illustrated in the Kama Sutra.

    Truth be told, God created the Son, equal to himself. The Son makes this world using himself as fodder, matter and laughing stock. It is a destructive use of power symbolized by the "big bang". It's like a shotgun blast to the head. It's the abuse of power, accomplished without the will of his Father. It's an insane suicide attempt to turn reality upside down and mock it's maker.

    Truth be told, the Son cannot be destroyed. But damned if the world he made won't try. There is nothing in this world that isn't the Son, in one form or another. Whatever it is, it is the Son, masked, acting out.

    The truth is God can't be mocked. All of this will pass. All of it forgiven. All of it forgotten.

    Truth be told, the body is a symbol of a divided mind. Each body represents a piece of mind unto itself, fenced off, privatized, gates barred, security system turned on, defense mechanisms engaged, and secrets stashed in a safe.

    Truth be told, the body is not "natural". It is the product of a very mixed up, yet very powerful mind. It is a whole new level of mind, reflecting all the thoughts foremost on the thinkers mind. It is a mechanism that masks the power of the mind, and the thoughts that motivate it to behave, as in, act out. The mind that makes bodies is truly suffering, and is attempting to alleviate it's suffering through a kind of buffer. And through some ingenious faith-based maneuvering, it conjures up the concept of a body, male and female.

    Truth be told, this predicament is unacceptable long term to the mind that suffers with it. While bodies are valued, the suffering they represent is masked. Instead, the suffering is simply spread out over time. In between sufferings, there appear to be some "good times". The "good times" provide enough incentive for the individuals to keep the spell keep the world turning.

    Truth be told, bodies exist only in time. And time is a non-linear, holographic illusion that requires a guilty subconscious to effect the experience of physical form subject to chronological linearity.

    Truth be told, guilt is a completely made-up concept which denies reality. But the spell that makes this world depends on it that time might last "forever" and supercede the reality of eternity.

    Truth be told, time can only last forever if each fragment of mind can be duped. A divided mind can be weakened. And if it can be enticed to embed itself "inside" a body, it can be conquered. Toss the key away. It is now completely foolable.

    Truth be told, the male/female paradigm offers incentive to accept the body as a kind identity or homebase. It's like putting a guy in prison with a porn-star. Do you think he will ever want to escape?

    Truth be told, time is borrowed from eternity. It's days are numbered because the mind that makes this world will only tolerate so much pain before it recognizes the futility of the entire paradigm. At that point, it begins to dispel the spell of sleep, and starts to wake individual at a time. Each individual will set his own pace, how long it takes for him to wake up.

    Truth be told, this world masks some very nasty motives, some strange beliefs, and some utterly false and futile thought systems. So it is obsolete from it's very inception. When it is seen to have no purpose whatsoever, it will pass away, obsolete, forgotten. Along with it goes the male/female paradigm.

    Ok, maybe this isn't your typical dinner conversation. But it's the truth. Meanwhile, enjoy your stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

  8. Merry Christmas to you too!

  9. God has no image.

    So there is this commandment, "Make no graven image".

    To understand the ten commandments, you must consider yourself pure Spirit, equal to God, equally without image...but with the power to abuse the power of your mind.

    This is a commandment not to make images of God because he has no image...and neither do you.

    Bodies are precisely that, graven images.

    Now look at the fallout. Look how difficult they make it to understand anything about God, or about yourself!

    The wisdom of the commandment speaks for itself.