Are long term interest rates headed up finally?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Raystonn, Jun 30, 2005.

What will long term interest rates do?

  1. Interest rates on 10 and 30 year notes have hit bottom! It's only up from here to year-end!

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  2. Interest rates on 10 and 30 year notes will keep dropping to year-end! Let's see how low we can go!

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  3. Interest rates on 10 and 30 year notes are going to stay about the same to year-end! There will be

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  4. I have no idea/I don't care/Mortgages?!?/Whatever!

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  1. Let's see what the traders here at ET think about 30 and 10-year mortgage interest rates...
  2. Looks like the up-votes have surpassed the down-votes at this point...
  3. llollollolololol. Up? llollollolololol.

    That would be logical, you must be kidding.
  4. kubilai


    Apparently a quarter-century-old trend can flip on a dime, BECAUSE THE FED SAID SO!
  5. buylo


    Bill Gross is looking for a rate between 3.5% - 3.75% for awhile. I think I will go WITH him.

    Did you see him derailing Snow's Fed Roadshow the other day on MSNBC

    PS - Where the heck is Alexis Glick?
  6. To show how little interest I have in this trainwreck of a bond market, I will answer the last question since it interests me the most.

    Alexis Glick is being groomed to be the next Katie Couric on the Today Show...Its too bad they stole her away
  7. TGregg


    I'd vote, but I'm an idiot. I thought rates would have been higher a year ago - so my opinion ain't worth nothin.
  8. buylo


    Thanks vulture. The mystery is solved. I can now sleep at night.
  9. Looks like most think rates are going up... Now is this a rubberbird-style counter-indicator? Hmm...
  10. Digs


    if the ISM index continues to trend down to sideways, 30yr will keep going down.
    #10     Jul 3, 2005