Are Libtards responsible?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Eight, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Democrats have guys like BO and Jessee Jack'emup suing private sector employers for how long now.. a few decades, billions have been paid out, businesses ruined, etc... it sends a message: don't hire black workers honkey... so the remaining livelihoods are public sector jobs and welfare... 70% of blacks with degrees work in the public sector and for all I know the other 30% are on welfare... they all vote Democrat because BO and Jessee are their liberators and they get lots of government checks and freebies...

    Now welfare doesn't pay enough... it never can, if it paid enough people would quit their jobs and go on welfare.... so people on welfare tend to all be in low cost areas and they subsidize their income by crime... we call it "inner city" for example... to succeed in crime one has to be a psychopath so over time, being a psychopath becomes the norm of many of the inner city youth... an NAACP poll of older black people showed that their number one fear was of their own grandchildren...

    Now let's say that a girl is driving.. she makes a wrong turn and winds up in a ghetto.. she gets raped and murdered... Are Democrats responsible for her horrific demise?
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    Thinking with these labels is the problem.
  3. And this problem will forever be as long as liberals keep opening their mouths.

    I've lost count the number of times the MSM has slung the racism card around when someone criticizes Obama.

    It's a term that is fast becoming meaningless. Call it another, "unintended consequence" of the liberal dhink tank.
  4. speaking of race:

    Dems on playing the race card: 'You ain't seen nothin' yet'
    Rick Moran

    A sign of desperation? Can't see it any other way. The idea that Obama's political opponents are motivated by racism will apparently now be "mainstreamed" into the Democratic party's talking points against conservatives.

    It's one thing for liberal bloggers and pundits to casually drop the "R" word in trying to smear administration opponents. But it appears, according to this Politico story by Jonathan Martin, that the race card will become an official meme of the Democrats when attacking their opponents:

    No one asked what the "rest of the world" thought when Democrats spent 8 years claiming that Bush stole both the 2000 and 2004 elections. But that's beside the point. It is apparent that many Democrats will embrace the race card - those that haven't already - and attempt to delegitimize opponent's arguments against the liberal policies of the president by smearing them as racists.

    This not only shows that they are desperate but that they are unable to respond to criticisms. Rather than engage in debate, they simply wish to cut off discussion by branding their foes as haters.

    The debate over the president's agenda is about to turn very ugly indeed.
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    I just read Rules for Radicals, a book, the Democrat playbook really, written by a marxist community organizer in 1981 named Saul Alinsky... he ate the big one in 1982, may the commie athiest sob rest in peace, LOL... if you read that you will understand the Democrats a lot better... they are getting a taste of their own medicine currently, people are reading it and applying to Leftists in town hall meetings, it's not like it's hard to do...

    I see that Republicans are almost getting a spine, the guy that yelled at Obama is not going to apologize again, good for him..

    Regarding the huge rally in Washington... did any MSM portray the size correctly? 1.2 to 2.2 MILLION PEOPLE.... those are official estimates folks, there is a time lapse video that, if it covers the entire march, could be used to verify how many were on the main route...
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    Which labels? If you are so mealy mouthed or mush brained that you can't formulate a thought and get it up in pixels maybe you should stfu?

    I've recommended lots of brain supplementation in other threads, you could check it out... if you think this factory farmed food they feed you your entire life has nutrients in it I have some land, bridges, stuff like that for sale... you could bid on it...