Are Laptops/Notebooks better then WorkStations/Desktops for Traders?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mahram, Jan 22, 2006.

Do you prefer laptops or desktops?

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  1. I have been using laptops instead of desktops for the last 6 years switching from desktops and to laptops. I know there is an ever raging debate from which is better. But laptops power and performance is almost as good as any workstation now. So what does everybody here prefer now? Laptops or desktops? I like the ability to move all my hardware easily at any moment. If I feel like working outside during the summer I can move it all outside easily. Or anywhere in the house easily.
  2. much worse.

    Desktop best for multi screens.

    If you are getting a laptop be sure to get one that is suppoorted by dual2go
  3. I run bloomberg news on my laptop when at home while tasking the desktop cpu(s) with execution and charting. A laptop has a slower FSB and is generally of inferior performance and reliability. I delegate non-critical functions to the laptop; its only dedicated-use is while mobile.

    I don't see any advantage to a laptop if mobility isn't a requirement.
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    if you make couple trades a week-it doesn't matter what you use or from where you trade. you can use PDA for it too. but if you run some sort of heavy scanning, multiple charts and few other things at same time-i did not see, how it can be done on little notebook with one 15" screen. so-what to use depends on your trading system or style.
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    i guess everyone's situation may be different, but a friend of mine uses a laptop for everything. she doesn't even have another machine. trades two markets and does better in a day than most traders do in a year. oh, plus she trades while she travels the globe. she also happens to be one of, if not, the most disciplined traders i have ever known. trading via laptop is a very realistic option.

    don't get me wrong though ... i have four monitors and struggle not to expand to six. :D


    take care :)

  6. Wow, that laptop must be magic!
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    why the sarcasm, riskarb? i don't make dramatic or exaggerated posts, so i don't really see the point or basis of your statement. in fact, my post even echoed, for the most part, what you posted (regarding mobility).

    i guess you had your reasons ... i hope they dissipate before opening.

    take care :)

  8. Wow, testy... I simply didn't see the correlation between computer and user. I don't think anyone inferred that you can't trade on a laptop, but mobility is hardly an advantage for most users.
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    Is she single?
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    I trade from desktop to tablet pc.

    I can trade on a pda but IB is my broker and the orders choices are quite limited so I use it as a spot quote or open position monitor.

    I use the tablet via aircard to entry/ change orders.

    During regular trading hrs my car is my office, i do not trade fulltime but my trading method does not require much speed or computing power.

    best of luck
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