Are Kiyosaki's books Worth?

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    I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is easy and okay. I knew much of what he wrote already though.

    Even though he went bankrupt multiple times, is his stuff still good anyway? Are Kiyosaki's books Worth?

    I am asking this question because some of books seems to be written for well-off readers yet easy for a layman.
  2. Books teach you nothing.
  3. No. Will teach you some common sense though
  4. common sense is all around though
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  6. same as dave ramsey got rich off selling the idea of getting rich to other people using churches to get customers.
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    I avoid reading those books so as not to contaminate my mind.

    The most is I read is the book cover.
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    I don't necessarily disagree with John Reed's analysis, but old John is a bit clueless as to investment himself (other than real estate investment i suppose). He once said that shares are very illiquid since there may only be say 10 at the offer and 20 at the bid. I had to correct him to tell him that 10 meant 10x100 shares and 20 meant 20 x 100 shares so not so illiquid. Also he thought most of the oil imported into the US came from Canada. I again had to correct him to say it comes mainly from Saudi Arabia lol. This was perhaps 10 years ago.
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    John Reed is trying to sell his approach and apparently sees Kiyosaki as a competitor.

    Neither is perfect.
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    That's a holy crap.... trust me.
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