Are kids getting dumber?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maharaja, May 28, 2004.

  1. I went to my younger sister graduation today and I must say, it seems as if as each generation passes kids get dumber and dumber. The valedictorian gave one of the worse speeches I have ever heard and the salutatorian plagerized some poem. These are supposed to be the smartest kids in the school?? Unbelievable. The band was crappy as hell... And this isn't some small town, it's Tempe, AZ. Graduating class of 600+ dumbasses. Nothing like what it was when I graduated HS only FOUR freakin' years ago. Where has all the intelligence gone?
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    what a dumb post
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    This post is even too dumb for me to post on....
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    dumb in stuff they may never need ( calculus, science, history ).....but i would say way more clever than kids from the past in things that nowadays may be needed more than before ( computers, indentity theft, hacking, sex ). .....peace

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    Would put it this way;
    there is an obvious need in the private sector [parents , family ]
    to improve reading skills by any measure.:cool:

    Wisdomj is the principle thing.
    Solomon,trader king.