Are John Jesse L. Livermore's price analyses published?

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    Judging by your reply, I'm not sure if you read the book.
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    Some of it, like parts of Dow Theory, still does work+ works better than GE. LOL:cool:
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  3. Read it, so long ago, I could have gotten it signed
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  4. You should have done it......about 6 months ago I checked ( just for curiosity) how much an autographed book of Reminiscences.....was valued.... and it was 300K.
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    That's more than Annie Moses Oakely/Parker Bros,12 gauge[$143,000] sold for, Dallas TX auction. But the whole package , including hat. letters..... sold for $518, 375.:cool::caution:
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    The full audiobook of the book: Reminiscences of a Stock operator, can be downloaded here:

    Here is another audiobook: Jesse Livermore's Methods of Trading in Stocks

    Here instead a video that describes in summary the book:

    Reminiscences of a Stock operator can be read here: Of A Stock Operator.pdf
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    He wrote a book (jesse livermore how to trade in stocks) see the link for illustrations - I have deciphered his book (damn hard to follow)
    BTW the book (reminescens) has absolutely no trading value at all. Damn good reading thou. The only reminescens book that contains the market key is
    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Annotated Edition): with the Livermore Market Key and Commentary Included
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