Are John Jesse L. Livermore's price analyses published?

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  1. There are supposedly books of papers that he wrote still in existence.

    He learned how to beat the bucket shops and was blackballed. He then predicted the '29 crash and afterwards bought up many companies.

    If you have a link to his work, please post it.
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    I have never seen a record of his trades. it might have historical value or lessons to be learned if someone has the desire to research it in depth
  3. Wasn`t he a permabear?
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  4. What are the chances that what worked for old Jesse 200 years ago would work today?
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    It is hard to be a permabear AND a multimillionaire at the same time up to 1928. So the answer is no.
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    What I find amusing is charts I have from late 1800s in Wheat, if you didn't see price on right hand side, people's emotions have never changed.

    Mid 1990's, I receiver an small inheritance and instead of buying more of what I had, I was to buy something off the wall, so stamps/coins were being bought up real steady, so instead I was checking First Editions. I started with Dickens, A Charlie Brown Christmas by Schulz etc...Often times I would have to travel far to check out books which half the fun, one day I happen upon an older gent in early 90s years young who had books by some stock and commodity traders from long ago-he gave me a price and I bought it all, books and charts, I came back the next day as I was invited for lunch, and this gent was telling me about 1929 in New York and he had met all the greats of that time, it was all very interesting, he said most of the "greats" didn't take their own advise on discipline and were selling educational courses upon their deaths or suicides. Material by Gann, never understood much of it till fifteen years later as I was not aware he was into the planets and Astro degrees, he had made his own wordings and definitions, reminded me of the old dog and pony show, always something else to buy, lol. Old' jesse was in there too with the missing chapter and charts some of the newer material was lacking. But I have seen all of their materials in PDF form on the internet.

    Jim Rogers is often early on his calls but the guy is a billionaire.

    So google away.
  7. But easy to blow up
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    Who is 'John' Jesse Livermore?
  9. %%
    NO, Mr fordwin d , but as you may have meant, he preferred the short side, before he shot himself. Good read;Re... Of A Stock Operator, book by E Lefevre, paperback:cool::cool:
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  10. I think i read somewher that he call himself or someone who wrote about Jesse called him that way.Cant remember now.
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