are hedge funds honest?

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is the hedge fund industry honest

  1. hedge fund industry is honest

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  2. hedge fund industry is honest but run mainly by greedy people

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  3. hedge fund industry is not honest

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  1. zdreg


    "Many in the "hedge" fund community have behaved in a disgraceful manner in the past couple years by taking huge fees and then either running at the first sign of trouble (by giving back money to avoid having to recoup drawdowns from high-water marks) or locking people up and not giving them their money back at all."

    bill fleckenstein
  2. talknet


    75% of Hedge funds & Mutual funds are honest but they DO NOT have "business brains".

    "Honest Hedge funds & Mutual funds" are worst than "fraud companies" because "Honest Hedge funds & Mutual funds" will invest people's money in "Loss-making business" & in the end Hedge funds & Mutual funds will shut down and people/investors will lose all their money.

    In other words, there is no difference between honest & fraud hedge & mutual funds.
  3. talknet


    My sincere opinion is that FOREX is the only Profitable Investment available now

    My "Elite Swiss forex broker" is 100 times better than Hedge funds and Mutual funds because he has for past 8 years paid average profit of +34% p.a (without compounded interest). He has 30 years of experience in forex.

    Compounded profit comes to +1000% in 8 years.

    January 2008 to November 2008 profit is +155% for "new 4 hour system".

    Maximum risk is 5% per new trade (conservative risk structure).

    These profits are for "Forex managed account"

    Forex managed account = Investment. Because investor deposits money with forex broker and he trades "investor's money" for profit and pays profit back to the investor.

    Swiss forex broker does not have Multi-billion dollars but he is paying "excellent profits" for many years continuously
  4. Well, I usually call them scum when I'm being kind.

    That answer your question?
  5. talknet


    When people deposit money with Hedge funds and Mutual funds, they do not know where their money is being invested. For example-: People deposited Multi-billions with Madoff's investment Co. and they never knew their Multi-billion was invested in a "Ponzi scheme". People received their "profit statements" every year and they were very happy.

    Honest Hedge funds and Mutual funds invest people's money in "Loss-making business" such as Stocks, Real estates, worthless giant companies and banks. People/Investors do not question the "source of investments". Only "final results" are sent to investors.

    My sincere opinion is that, worldwide Hedge funds and Mutual funds should be shut down. If not, there will be many more Multi-billion dollars frauds and business losses in future because of these "worthless Hedge and Mutual funds"