Are Greeks lazy?

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  1. All the news articles I have seen indicate that the Measures are going to upset the Greeks because they get paid 14 weeks for 12 weeks of work, work very little hours, get lots of days off, fat pensions,etc..

    It seems that most of the Jobs in Greece are government jobs as well.

    I have never seen anything like this before.
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    Don't worry if your american you will see in a few years the greek way of life become the american way of life.
  3. If you had a sweet deal like that, wouldn't you be pissed if the German's were going to take it away?
  4. i just think people have come acustom to a way of life whether they deserve that or not. it is the same most places.

  5. ???? how the hell are the germans taking it away??? that's the kind of stuff the lazy, ignorant greeks are saying. germany is SAVING these thankless pedastery lovers. why germany would give one penny to finance such a degenerate civilization is beyond me, especially when the ingrates aren't even thankful.

    southern europeans, led by the greeks, have a culture of laziness. it is deeply embedded in their 'siesta' lifestyle. how else can you explain a place where you get a bonus for coming to work on time???
  6. i think it is harsh to call them pedastry lovers. the young people are a bit arrogant though imo.
  7. All Europeans are lazy.

    And all Americans are fat.

    All Asians are smart and work hard.

    All Africans are starving and all jews are greedy.
  8. debaser. that is harsh. i am european and i so are you we work hard. the fact we send our spare time on a business based forum is evidence of our working.
  9. I was being ironic.... Sorry if that wasnt all that clear.:)
  10. of course there are exceptions but the CULTURE in southern europe is one of laziness. cannot deny this.
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