Are great traders made or born?

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Are great traders made or born?

  1. Great traders are made. They learn to be successful.

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  2. Great traders are born with talent.

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  3. I don’t know.

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  1. Are great traders made or born?

    A. Great traders are made. They learn to be successful.

    B. Great traders are born with talent.

    C. I don’t know.
  2. Obviously, you're not a great trader...


    So... some guys says they are born... then you:

    1. Deny it. You start asking why, but don't accept what the poster is saying.

    2. Get pissed off. Personal attack.

    3. Get depressed. Don't post and continue reading what others say.

    4. Bargain... Start saying, you need both talent but more hard work.

    5. Accept it.


    If the guy says, their made:

    Then you feel good about yourself and continue to dream about becoming a profitable trader...


    For the sake of the poster... let's all vote "traders are made"
  3. I don't know...

    Bottom line, it doesn't matter how you get here. A railroad game is the earliest thing I could trace that got me interested in investing/trading.......... but it only matters how you finish out the day/week/month/year.

    If you make money, then that is all that matters right?
  4. I was just thinking of comparing a great trader to a great signer.

    Some people are just not able to be a great singer, it does not matter how much they practice, if they don't have the talent and voice they cannot be a great singer.
  5. I think the Turtles proved that, at the very least, very good traders can be made.
  6. I agree. Since they are very smart guys, they will repeat this same topic/ poll on ET again and again, until we say so every time. :D
  7. Are you a great singer or a great trader?

    What entitles you to mention that???

    Look at Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson... they can't sing shit but make loads of money...


    OK, I'm being mean... ignore this post... though I'll push post for it... :p
  8. I was born with a natural talent that worked my ass off to maximize. Sort of like Michael Jordon. Seriously.
  9. Well, great traders are made.
    The elite traders have some innate tendency for trading. No, I'm not gifted in trading:), been wrong 6 out of 10 times trading on my guts so I'll prefer not trying it anymore
  10. Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson are great entertainers. Both are sexy and hot. Sex sells.
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