Are girls better traders?

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  1. I think so. Do you?
  2. yes.

    They are more disciplined than the big swinging dicks who try to show their daddy balls , and finally lose them in the market.
  3. How do you measure "better"? Better looking did you mean?
  4. sheda


    Impossible to tell you need two test groups of a decent size, in the male group you will find exceptional traders, average traders losers and no doubt the personality flaws we have all heard so much about. Do we have a female group of traders large enough to compare with? No.
  5. I employ a female assistant , she is sharper ,more disciplined ,risk averse ,clued up and more intelligent than the male .:cool:
  6. jayboy


    I am better at innovating in our trading system, but my woman is far better than I am at finding setups as they develop. Far better.
  7. sheda


    Throw ten male traders in a room and you can have from one extreme of trading status and skill to the other and everyting in between, its not as simple as " i know one " but teists do help;)
  8. male traders are like headless chickens in the pits , 95 % are male , so there are few fewer female losers.

    Show them a pair of tits , their trading minds go off track.

    pits and tits rhymes
  9. sheda


    Lets ask the question which sex is better at the sport called X. The only infomation we have to analysis this is that 95% of the participants are male. Of those who put them selves through the trials and tribulations of becoming a trader and passing the hurdles, tests and pains, 95% happen to be male?

    Which sex is better at this particular activity?

    + All male minds go slightly off course at the sight of a fine pair..unless your old and impotent?:eek:
  10. They are dumber not to realise the odds stacked against them , and to go into trading in the first place.

    How many females are so dumb?There morons beat the dumb blondes.
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