Are FX signals helpful?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Alex2984, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Alex2984



    I'm new to this Forum and I find it very well structured and full of
    useful information. I've been trading Forex for some years (5 and counting)
    and I think it has become very hard to make a buck recently, so I truned into
    Forex signals services. Paid some of them between $100 to $300, but it wasn't worth it.
    Now I'm trading on my own, but still use, as additional leverage in my
    trading. They work with Hot Forex and I also changed my broker FXpro for Hot Forex and this
    was the best thing I've done recently.

    So if my trading doesn't bring any results, I always get into profit with the signals service,
    plus they give me cash rebates for my trades at Hot Forex. A pretty good deal!
    I think everyone needs to help in Forex, so if anyone's interested to get the same deal I got,
    let me know!