Are futures accounts public record?

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  1. is it federal regulation for the exchanges to provide the public access to all transactions. can an employer check without you providing them statements?
  2. I don't think they are public record. My accounts do not show up in my credit record - so it probably can't be pulled that way either. However, if your employer requires you to disclose it, and you do not, and they find out, you will be fired for sure. Depending on how pissed your employer is, you might even be liable in a court of law, should the employer decides to pursue it. Only you can figure out if the risk is worth it.

    And you are a fool if you think my answers are definitive (this is just my best guess), so don't.
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    If you work for a broker dealer and do not disclose a trading account they will fire ya' ass when they find out you be trading secretly.
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    Individual futures transactions are not a matter of public record. They can and are audited by regulatory agencies.