Are freethinkers just very, very forgetful or is it something else?

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  1. Anyone who has seen a freethinker online knows that one of their primary purposes in life is to broadcast the wrongdoing of a Christian, usually a preacher, and then call them a hypocrite.

    If anyone retorts that freethinking atheists have done the same thing, their answer is always some variation of "we never said we were good. you did. you're hypocrites".

    All anyone has to do is google phrases like "can you be good without religion", or "do you need religion to be good" and you will see that there are literally hundreds of millions of hits, and as you begin looking through them you'll see that a high percentage of them are from atheists saying, "no, you don't need religion to be good. We are good".

    Now, what do you make of people who say "we never said we were good" , when mere minutes of research can tell you that they have in actuality said it Hundreds of Millions of Times.

    Are they just very, very forgetful? Or is it some other quality of their nature at work?
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    Tsing Tao

    Just put him/her on ignore like the majority of us.
  3. An atheist "Stuck on Stupid"

    The ultimate oedipus conflict.
  4. I once asked a freethinker how I could become a freethinker. He said "You have to hate Christianity like we do, and have the exact same political beliefs as we do."

    Ah, so that's what being a "freethinker" is.
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    lefties love symbolism and labels

    freethinker isn't a critical or free thinker, he just has a point of view and he is too indoctrinated to know better

    'progressives' are regressive towards tyrrany

    communists love larger than life slogans and names like "shining path," "forward," 'Hope and change' etc. because they have that religious appeal that people love- to believe in that overarching something greater than themselves that will take care of them. For lefties, god is government.

    'Freethinker' is just that sort of label, a euphemism of sorts
  6. I asked my wife's sister who is a psychiatrist. She said that people who are strongly religious or strongly anti-religious often suffer from some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and/or Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD).

    She said that "balanced individuals" who hold religious beliefs or hold atheistic beliefs don't feel compelled to be constantly talking about it or raising the subject.

    Religious or atheistic people with OCD/OCPD constantly use their point of view to criticize those who hold opposing views because it temporarily relieves the stress induced by their mental condition (and they just can't help themselves.) They couldn't stop on their own if even if they wanted to. They need help to change their bahavior. Most don't want help because they don't see anything wrong with their mental state even though it's obvious to others around them.