Are freethinker societies just fronts for homosexual groups?

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  1. I did some looking around on the web at some freethinker sites and it seems they are stuck on this notion that anyone who opposes same sex marriage is a hate group or bigot. It seems to be an issue of utmost importance to them. If you contribute to an organization that opposes same sex marriage, they seem to feel that you are worthy of being castigated and shunned from society.

    So, tell me. Are these the actions of normal people? Are they in reality homosexuals or just people who are filled with so much hate that it oozes out of them?
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    We actually have a "free thinker" right here. I've always suspected he's gay. :)
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    Lol! SOOOOOOOO true!

    And op, deep down, the "free thinkers" are the most closed-minded loons out there. On top of that THEY are the bigots, haters, intolerant one's, and general trash. It's funny. They're their own worst enemies, and absolutely enemies to the values America was founded upon.
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    Hmmm. I always thought a 'free thinker' was someone who drew their beliefs out of thin air without regard to the facts. Hence, a free thinker.
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    Anybody who labels themselves a "free thinker" is anything but.

    I support same sex marriage, but I don't want to see anyone hurt by it. Over the years I've asked same sex marriage opponents to explain how they would be hurt by it and none of them did, or could. If anyone could just simply state what injury they will recieve if gay couples are married, I will drop my support immediately and join you to have it stopped.
  6. I'm not sure why that is the relevant question. I have opinions on many issues that I will not personally suffer any damage or draw any benefit from. Does that disqualify me from having an opinion?

    We often get the reverse of this. Anyone who has specialized knowledge of an issue, say oil companies on energy, are shouted down because of the potential for bias. So you can't have an opinion if you are not directly involved and you can't have one if you are. Neat. Of course, none of it applies to liberals, who remain free to lecture us and impose their preferences through laws about an infinite range of topics.

    For example, it's not clear to me how a liberal is affected by what kind of light bulb I use. Or if I choose to buy a Big Gulp or keep a gun in my bedside drawer, but they are not shy about wanting to outlaw them.

    With respect to gay marriage, there is a simple answer. The only real reason these activists want gay marriage legalized is to put the government imprimatur of approval on an activity that many people consider immoral and perverted. Every major religion deems homosexual activity to be sinful. Thoughtful, nonjudgmental people can see a big difference in society allowing private consenual behavior among adults and giving it legal status. Once the govenrment ordains that homosexual "marriage" is the equivalent of traditional marriage, other dominoes must fall, such as any restrictions on adoption. Will your son be deemed a bigot and face mandatory counseling if he refuses a prom date from a gay guy?
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    Goes against the Word of God, undermines marriage HURTING IT, plus:

    "What about the effect of homosexual behavior on society?

    In addition to a domestic violence rate that is 20 times higher than among heterosexuals, these are some of the negative effects homosexuality has on society:

    Higher rates of child molestation*
    (Nearly 1/3 of the child abuse cases are homosexual in nature, and homosexuals are only 3% of the population.)

    Daughters of lesbian "parents" are more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior and experience the consequences of that behavior.

    In areas in which homosexual marriage has become accepted (The Netherlands and areas of Scandinavia, for example), the fundamental building block of society--the family--has fallen apart. In some of these areas as many as 80% of the children are born outside of a family.

    Children of homosexual "parents" do the worst in 9 of 13 acedemic categories when compared with both married heterosexual couples and cohabitating couples.

    Homosexual behavior is linked with higher rates of promiscuity, physical disease, mental illness, substance abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence--all things that impact society negatively. Don't try to say homosexual behavior doesn't hurt society--it is a major force that tears down society and harms children.

    For more information I invite you to read a online paper titled: What's Wrong With Letting Same-Sex Couples Marry? (Most of the information here comes from that paper, which includes scientific references to the source documents)."

    Homosexuals not harming anyone? Far, FAR from the truth...
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    And look at the harm it does when homosexuals sue Churches for not marrying them. The Church, already struggling financially like everyone else, has to hire Attorneys to fight it, and that drains their coffers. Yep, the liberals love to see Churches harmed as they are lost, and shake their fists at our Creator. Of course, they will some day be on their knees before Him, and that will be when their "free thinking" days are over...
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    I have no desire to repress your opinion.

    You want the liberty to use whatever lightbulb you deem appropriate, and I agree that you should. But here's where we differ - Whereas I will not ask the government to opress your liberty to use your chosen lightbulb, you want to government to opress the liberty of same sex couples to marry.

    The texts of major religions is completely irrelevant to the discussion, and frankly I was surprised that you would inject it into the debate, (even though it's expected that most opponents of same sex marriage would. I simply didn't expect it from you personally).
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    :D Huting marriage, that always gives me a chuckle. Mayor James West of Spokane, Washington, who was a vigorous opponent of same sex marriage on the grounds of "protecting the sanctity of marriage", was out hitting the sheets with his twink boys while his wife was at home washing the dishes. How sanctimounious indeed.

    Anyway, according the Bureau of Prisons, most suspects reffered to US attornies for sex exploitation of children were white, college educated, heterosexual males.
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